MeleonFit Pro Fitting

Meleon Pro offers a safe protection against heat and cold, intense mechanical loads and abrasion. The conduits pipes are designed as multi-layer variants. They are available with PVC-Coating or exterior metal braiding. Fittings of the MeleonFit Pro series provides perfect matching for all Meleon Pro conduits.

Nickel Plated Brass
Part Numbers Cable Range Thread Type and Size Fits Conduit Size
MPM1209-BR M12 9/10
MPM1611-BR M16 11/12
MPM1612-BR M16 12/13
MPM2016-BR M20 16
MPM2521-BR M25 21
MPM3226-BR M33 26/27
MPM4035-BR M40 35
MPM5040-BR M50 40
MPM6351-BR M63 51