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The M23 TWILOCK – S is the most versatile circular connector that we have to offer.  It has the same functions as our normal M23 connector with it our TWILOCK – S quick connect locking system.  This connector is much faster to install than the standard M23 screw connection, a ¼ twist is all that is needed to connect or disconnect.  Two different housing options are available including a straight housing and a right angle panel mount.  The connectors come in either signal or power and there are multiple termination choices including crimp, solder, dip solder, and screw terminations. In addition to being compatible with the rest of our modular M23 connectors, the TWILOCK – S is the only connector on the market that is intermateable with Speedtec® by Intercontec/Tyco.  To learn more about our M23 TWILOCK –  S Connector, visit us at or call one of our technical sales staff.

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Sealcon’s M23 circular connectors are the robust connectors that you’ve been searching for.  The M23s are available with either power or signal inserts and are compact enough to fit into nearly any environment.  Our M23s  are built to the highest standards, earning them a pressure rating of IP 67 / IP 69.  The durability of the connectors, coupled with their compact size, make them an ideal for a wide variety of industries including automation, manufacturing, packaging, motors, and machine building.

We offer three different housing options including a straight housing, a panel mount, and a right angle panel mount.  There are also three different locking mechanisms to choose from including the standard screw connection, TWILOCK, and TWILOCK-S.  The TWILOCK connector is a simple ¼ twist connection allowing for quick and painless installation.  Our TWILOCK-S connector is our most versatile connector because it is the only M23 connector on the market that is intermateable to Speedtec® by Intercontec.  To learn more about our M23 circular connectors or about any of our other connectors, contact us today either over the phone or visit us at

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You may have seen some of our other products and thought, “Those are great and all, but in my line of work there is a significant risk of fire and explosions.  What about me? What about my needs?”  We have you covered with our EX line of products that are designed to withstand hazardous applications with both armored and non-armored options.   All of our strain relief in the EX line meet the latest ATEX/ Niece standards as well as the latest North American Approvals cUS. We offer multiple cable protection products available in nylon, nickel plated brass, and stainless steel.

If you need something a bit tougher we have our EXIOS line of strain relief available.  These are the toughest products that we offer.   They are made of raw brass and come in both fireproof and explosion resistant options. The durable nature of our EXIOS line makes them ideal for a variety of industries including mining, chemical, and oil and gas.  If you would like to learn more about our entire EX line, visit today!

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Sealcon has two different options for the cable material for both our M8 and M12 cordsets.  The standard material of our wire coating is a PVC coating.  The PVC coating is a more cost effective solution which is ideal for operations requiring less movement and bending of the cable.  In addition to the PVC coating we also have a PUR cable.  Our PUR coating is more flexible than the PVC coating and is better suited for dynamic capabilities.  This makes the PUR cable the ideal choice for industries that benefit from increased flexibility such as robotics.  Contact us today to learn which cable material is best suited for your applications.

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Sealcon’s RG and FP Hygienic Cable Glands are ideal for any application where cleanliness is a priority.  The smooth stainless steel shell is specifically shaped to stop the settlement of microorganisms and debris by removing the nooks and crannies where they typically thrive.  The liquid-tight design coupled with the stainless steel make these glands extremely easy to clean. The FP gland is ideal for foam cleaning while the RG gland is suited for high pressure cleaning.  These glands are suitable for a variety of industries including food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-technical, packaging, and bottling.  Visit our website or contact us today for more information on the hygienic glands and the rest of our innovative products.   

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Our new M23 TWILOCK-S connector comes in a newly redesigned right-angle panel mount.  The right angle panel mount, like our other M23 TWILOCK –S connectors, can be equipped with either a power or signal insert and is intermateable with Speedtec® by Intercontec/Tyco.

The panel mount has been recently redesigned to make it more robust and accessible.  The housing has been redesigned, it now opens with a screw and slides open as opposed to the previous hinged design, allowing the housing to be more compact, making it better suited for cramped environments.  Installation of the panel mount is now easier than ever, due to all locking and fastening screws being easily accessible.  For more information on the new right angle panel mount, visit our website or contact us today!

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Over a century ago, the industrial revolution marked the development of a new age of machinery and equipment, laying the foundation of an era of unprecedented productivity.  In recent years, a similar revolution has emerged in the form of internet-driven communication capabilities.  Today, the merger of industrial processes and internet connectivity has created a new generation of productivity and automation through what is called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Our new M8 and M12 cordsets are the perfect complement to any IIoT system. The IIoT is the idea that a cloud-based cache of data is collected and maintained through a network of intelligent computers and devices.  The increased data flow that is possible with an IIoT system is able to greatly expand automation capabilities and lead to more efficient solutions.  The increased amount of data that can now be collected with our M8/M12 cordsets make them ideal for an IIoT system in industries such as automation, manufacturing, machine building, conveyor systems, and more.


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RJ45 Strain Relief Protection without the hassle

Our RJ45 strain relief connector is the solution for securing Ethernet cables.  The insert has a slit that wraps around the cable, allowing the cable to be held tightly while saving you the hassle of cutting and reterminating the wire.  The RJ45 strain relief is available in nickel plated brass and nylon in multiple sizes.  Contact us today for more information!

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Sealcon’s new M23 Power & Signal Twilock-S Connectors is intermateable with   Intercontec/Tyco’s Speedtec® technology. We offer 3 shell types in Signal and 2 shell types in Power with all common pin-out configurations.
The reliable 1/4 turn quick-connect technology is the only brand crossing to Speedtec. Contact us today for more information!


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Sealcon has developed several conduit lines to provide reliable protection that offers a versatile protection range to all types of cable. Hot and cold temperatures, tensile and compressive loads and wear-and-tear can cause severe damage to cables resulting in malfunctions and loss of production. Prevent your wires and cables from damage with our wide range of conduit protection products. The Metal Standard Series is offered in galvanized metal and PVC coating while the Metal Pro Series is available in galvanized metal with smooth PVC and braided options. The Nylon Series is liquid tight, durable and is available in standard and slit options, the SuperFlex Series offers higher flexibility options and is ideal for drag chains and robotics. A wide range of fittings makes it easy to find the right answers for every requirement. The Sealcon Conduit System is perfect for rugged environments, in industries demanding high flexibility and bending capabilities, are impact and crush resistant and are outdoor and vandalism safe. Contact Sealcon today for more information!