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The complex global supply chain has a an ever-stronger demand for customization along with the desire for more data collection. Manufacturers and OEM’s are attempting to gain productivity improvements and uncover new ways of streamlining manufacturing and supply chain production. Sealcon can help with its vast portfolio of products. Among them is our Hybrid connectors which combine various electrical and data functions in one unit. Sealcon Hybrid connectors combine offering equipment status and transmission power with easier field maintenance. They transmit power, signals, (analog) and data/Ethernet (digital) all within one connector shell. Sealcon Hybrid connectors are available in M23 and M40 sizes and have many advantages.

Sealcon’s M23 hybrid (4+4+4) Circular Connector is the compact all-in-one solution for the transmission of power, Industrial Ethernet (IE) and signals. The plug-connector series unites the separate, shielded data transmission on 4 contacts according to CAT.5e with a high processing power on 4 additional power contacts (up to 28A and 630V). Data transmission rates of up to 500 MBit/s are possible without any problems. In addition, 4 other contacts are available for signal transmission. The assembly time is minimal, and the Ethernet element is simply snapped into place. Sealcon also has a more powerful option for larger power transmission the M40 connector.

The M40 Hybrid is a robust powerhouse. It combines the power of the standard series with the versatility of a hybrid connector. This circular connector transmits power up to 55 A and parallel data rates up to 100 Mbps. A special feature of the M40 Hybrid are the high electrical characteristics of the signal contacts. They enable users in servo technology to achieve transmission rates of up to 300 V/7 A for brakes.

Some of the advantages of Sealcon Hybrid connectors are one connector instead of 2 or 3 (=> at least halving), reduced space requirement, shorter processing time for connector assembly, reduced costs, less weight on the end device (e.g., motor), several cables can also be brought together in one connector (Multi). There is also a push for “OCT” or One Cable Technology.

Single cable solutions with hybrid connectors (OCT – One Cable Technology) are becoming increasingly important in automation and robotics. They transmit power, signals, and Ethernet in one connection. This saves assembly time, space, and money.

The Sealcon M40 Hybrid connector is also available with a Twilock-S option. The Twilock-S option makes Sealcon circular connectors intermateable with Speedtec by Intercontec/TE. It is now possible to spec in a Sealcon M40 Hybrid Twilock-S into an existing Speedtec application. 

A characteristic feature of Sealcon connectors is their absolute suitability for industrial applications. Metal housings protect the sensitive and impact-sensitive contact inserts safely and reliably. The various housing insert designs and contacts can be combined and thus offer the user a wide range of variants. Choose Sealcon Quality.

Sealcon circular connectors have many advantages

  • Robust Design
  • Mechanical Protection of the Contact Inserts
  • No Protruding Plastic Inserts
  • Better Impact Protection
  • Good Processability
  • Time Savings in Connector Assembly
  • Potential Separated Shields for Ethernet
  • Universal Approvals
  • Modular Concept (many variants in design and application)
  • Twilock-S Quick Release Fastener (Intermateable with Speedtec)

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The low profile of the VariaPro cable gland makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

The VariaPro line of Cable Glands is made for enduring extremes. It could be hot, cold, or acid the VariaPro line is ready. These are the cable glands for particularly extreme requirements. Each of the three varieties of the Varia Line: Varia Pro, Varia Temp, Varia Chem, has its own area of expertise. The standard VariaPro it was designed for the demanding needs of the European Rail but also can be used in most standard applications. The PRO has very high fire protection requirements (DIN EN 45545-2 and 45545-3) and can withstand flames for 30 minutes with its EPDM Seal. All of the VariaPro’s are made out of Nickel-plated brass with protection class of IP 68 – 10 bar with Metric threading. The VariaPro TEMP is made for applications as cold as the artic circle (-60° C or -76° F) or heat extreme (200° C or 392° F) with its VMQ (silicone) Seal. Making the VariaPro TEMP well suited for applications in refrigeration, industrial ovens or steel and metal industry. The VariaPro CHEM is aimed at sectors of the processing industry and is particularly resistant to acids and chemicals with its FKM Seal. The CHEM is well suited for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or chemical industries. Additional features for all the VariaPro Line include a molded seal for integrated EMC protection. The VariaPro cable glands also have an anti-twist protection, ensures that the cable and molded seal do not twist during installation, thus loose their seal. The VariaPro also has low profile, helping to save space in tight applications. Spec in VariaPro on your next application and Choose Sealcon Quality.

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A Miniaturization Powerhouse

We used to hear the business buzz about “Bigger is Better”. Well, not when it comes to manufacturing. In manufacturing it is about the ever-smaller mechanical, electronic products and devices. Yet the power needs are just the same or more. Look no further than the Sealcon M12 Power Circular Connector. This compact and powerful M12 size connector is well suited for power transmissions. These connectors can be found in many applications like factory automation, measurement and control, food and beverage, transportation, agriculture, robotics, and alternative energy. This M12 circular connector is defined by its very high-power transfer (up to 630V and 16A) combined with a compact design. The M12 also has temperature ranges of -40°F to 257°F with K, L, S, and T codings available. The manufacturing world is seeking an ever-smaller footprint and our M12 Circular Connectors are right at home. The 360° shielding guarantees reliable EMI (EMC) protection with a Max Cable Diameter of 0.43″ (11 mm). Contact Sealcon to get M12 Circular Connectors specked in for your next project and get the confidence of sturdy Sealcon Circular Connectors and top-quality customer service. Choose Sealcon Quality.

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The Sealcon Twilock-S connection system is an extremely simple and highly reliable quick fastening system. Our Twilock-S metric circular plug-in connectors mate to Speedtec by Intercontec/TE Connectivity making adaptivity between these two connector systems technically possible. All it takes is just one click, a slight twist and the plug-in system goes from “Open” to “Close”; making it child’s play to plug in a connector even where access is quite difficult. Twilock-S is resistant to vibrational loads and guarantees protection of IP67/IP69K (connected). Twilock-S circular connectors are designed with multiple new features to accommodate changing industry demands such as a low-profile housing and right-angle connector that swivels to open and requires less vertical space. Sealcon has Twilock-S connectors in M23 (Signal), M23 (Power) and M40 (Hybrid) sizes. Spec in Twilock-S circular connectors for applications in: Renewable Energy, Motion Controls, Robotics and Conveyors. With the vast array of options available with these Twilock-S circular connectors we have the configuration that you are looking for. Sealcon is also known for its high-quality products and customer service. The choice is clear choose Sealcon quality.

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Sealcon has expanded our industrial enclosure products with the addition of our Premium Series P, Impact Series I and Genesis Series G lines. These premium polycarbonate enclosures are lightweight, impact, high temperature, UV and fade resistant. These are in addition to the fiberglass industrial enclosure line we have in: Select Series S, Origin Series O, Winclosure Series W, Nookbox Series N and our stainless steel custom sized Strongbox Series S+.

With this amazing variety of industrial enclosures, we have the enclosures you need with the approvals you want. With CE, UL, cUL, German Lloyd and RoHS we have you covered with approvals. Sealcon enclosures are corrosion and UV resistant featuring rigid construction and are ideal option for heavier loads. This superior protection and supreme performance are ideal for solar and renewable energy, communications, security and monitoring, manufacturing equipment, food and beverage, utilities, wastewater and water treatment, pharmaceutical as well as chemical processing. Protect your system’s components with Sealcon enclosures that are built with first-rate materials for maximum safety and security. Equipped with innovative latches for premium security and protection against environmental elements your components will be protected. Whether your looking for Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, or Stainless Steel, we have the quality, approvals and superior customer service to get you the right enclosure.

Don’t settle for less. Choose Sealcon quality.