Our Customer Stories

Our goal is to partner with our valued customers and guide them to the solution that best fits their needs.
It’s important that we build trust and connection with each of you during your purchasing journey.
Below is a sampling of our customers’ experiences.

“They were really helpful with grabbing the ball and running with it, helping me select the proper product… I would highly recommend Sealcon…the last salesperson that I dealt with, went above and beyond.”


Rick with Land and Sea Welding, Hawaii

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Standard Nickel Plated Brass NPT Strain Relief/Cord Grips

“Sealcon worked really close with us to make sure that we chose the right product that we needed…and their response, their technical support team and the quick turnaround times made us continue going back (to Sealcon).”


Cristian with Glentek

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Snap Elbow NPT Nylon Strain Relief Fitting/Cord Grips