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NightRider Sucess Story SealconNiteRider, maker of dive lights among many other high performance products, states that Sealcon meets their demand for Strength, Durability and Versatility.

“We could not do without the Strain Relief Fittings.”

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NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems, San Diego, CA

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Standard Nickel Plated Brass PG 7/1/4” NPT Strain Relief Fitting

* Disclaimer: It is not recommended to use these products beyond their approved capacity.

“I was real happy to see that the cable didn’t extrude at all, at twice the pressure that it was advertised at.”

“They were really helpful with grabbing the ball and running with it, helping me select the proper product… I would highly recommend Sealcon…the last salesperson that I dealt with, went above and beyond.”

Rick with Land and Sea Welding, Hawaii

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Standard Nickel Plated Brass NPT Strain Relief/Cord Grips

“Sealcon worked really close with us to make sure that we chose the right product that we needed…and their response, their technical support team and the quick turnaround times made us continue going back (to Sealcon).”

Cristian with Glentek

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Snap Elbow NPT Nylon Strain Relief Fitting/Cord Grips