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Covid Brings New Challenges to Boating Industry

COVID travel and gathering restrictions has led to an increase in outdoor activities such as recreational boating. According to data reported by Barrons, “total new U.S. recreational boat sales in May were the highest in a single month since 2007, with increases across all segments.”

With the effects of coronavirus most likely still lingering well into the warmer months of 2021, this trend does not appear to be waning anytime soon.

The increased interest in boating has led to a greater demand for marine related equipment, both within the marine commercial and manufacturing industry, and with those who purchase watercraft and boating equipment.

Ensuring Superior Performance for Your Marine Applications

If you’re involved in the marine industry or recreational marine activities, it’s important to pay attention and prevent any maintenance issues that may arise with your marine equipment and components. It’s critical to ensure they are equipped to combat the effects of saltwater, vibration, high-temperatures, UV rays, and other harsh conditions that make them vulnerable to corrosion, oxidization, and other types of damage.

Although the above issues are nothing new when it comes to marine equipment—COVID has added an additional challenge with the rigorous sanitation and cleaning protocols for boats and equipment.

This heightened exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals requires the need for marine components that are designed to hold up to these types of elements.

As a result, it’s critical to be sure each component is built specifically to withstand these challenges. Preventing corrosion, oxidation and other damage requires vulnerable equipment to be supported with top-of-the-line cable management components that have the key industry ratings and approvals (e.g. NEMA, IP68/69K and so on).

Reduce your liability and costs by using premium high-quality anti-corrosive and liquid-tight marine solutions that withstand long-term environmental demands. We offer products with innovative technology designed for underwater and marine requirements – ideal for boats, yachts, depth sensors, dive lights, cranes, antennas, fish locators, and more. Learn more here.

Submersible Solutions

Below are some of the important features and benefits of our marine Cable Gland solutions.

• Stainless Steel (303/316L) for Salt Water/Spray and Wash Down
• Nickel Plated Brass for Ruggedness and Mechanical Stress with Cranes, Hoists, Controls, etc
• EMI/RFI Nickel Plated Brass for Radio, Antennas, Radar, Surveillance Cameras, etc.
• Mini WADI – Small/Compact, Nickel Plated Brass/Stainless Steel for Stairwell Lighting, Cameras, etc. – EMI & High Temperature Available
• Nylon Black UL f1 (746C) UV/Ozone Resistant for Durability Under the Sun
• Unsurpassed Liquid Tight Nylon or Metal Fittings for Permanent Submersion (150 PSIG) used in Dive Lights, Dive Cameras, Pumps, etc.
• BXA* Fittings for Hazardous Duty Location – cUS Class 1 I Div 2, ATEX I IECEx
• Solutions for Onshore/Offshore & MRO Business

More Reasons to Choose Sealcon Marine Products

Submersible & Liquid Tight – Perfect product for a spray down or submersed application. Sealcon products have an unsurpassed IP68 / NEMA 4X & 6 / 10 BAR (150 PSIG) rating.

The patented form seal (Grommet Around Cable) allows products to be installed in up to 300 ft underwater. Our product is also spray down IP69K rated.

Ideal for Outdoor / UV Exposure – All of our black Nylon Strain Relief Fittings are made with a UL f1 (746C) UV & Ozone Stable Material & ACME thread.

NEMA Installation – Our Cable Strain Relief Fittings come with a Patented O-Ring Groove, resulting in a liquid tight seal between fitting and installation when used with a correct o-ring.

Vibration Proof – Sealcon’s Cable Strain Relief Fittings feature notches molded into the dome nut to prevent the dome from coming loose from the Cable Gland body. This is referred to as a safety ratchet system.

Feature Required Approvals & Certifications – Our products are UL, UR, CSA, VDE, CE, PCT Gost, German Lloyd (GL), TUV, RoHS, Deca BDE, ATEX, IECEx, Ex-e and Ex-d.

Ready to learn more about Sealcon solutions for your marine application?

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Industrial enclosures play an important role in protecting controls, circuit boards, switches and other critical machine components. To function properly, these components should be shielded from environmental elements such as dust, water, debris and extreme temperatures.

While enclosures are integral, they are often an afterthought in terms of planning specs and budget. To assure the best industrial enclosure selection for proper protection and performance, you should consider the following:

1. In what type of environment will the enclosure be used?

Considering the environment in which the enclosure will be used should help you to determine details like the best type of enclosure material to choose. Factors to consider include:

  • Need for UV resistance
  • Plant or factory conditions
  • Temperature extremes
  • Excessive humidity
  • Exposure to harsh elements
  • Environmental dust or debris
  • The presence of any electromagnetic interference

Understanding your specific environmental conditions will help you make the best decision on which material to choose: polycarbonate (UV light, high temperature and impact-resistant); fiberglass (lightweight; high temperature and corrosion resistant); stainless steel (heavy-duty; corrosion and EMI resistant) or aluminum (lightweight; corrosion resistant).

2. What are the requirements of the application?

Each application has unique requirements that affect the materials, equipment, and components involved. Concerns may include:

  • Required enclosure size
  • Available space
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Mounting requirements
  • Access to duct and power
  • Thermal management for heat generating components

Make sure these are addressed early on in order to save yourself the hassle of having to troubleshoot issues down the road!

3. What specific performance standards will the enclosure need to meet?

Some applications will have particular performance standards that enclosures must meet, such as NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories).  

These standards are met during testing when an inspector determines if any dust, moisture or other damaging elements have entered the enclosure. At that point, if the enclosure performs well against infiltration, it is determined to meet the guidelines. Pay attention to these types of ratings in order to decide which option will most effectively protect your components.

Sealcon Offers a Variety of Industrial Enclosure Solutions

We provide our customers with a wide selection of enclosure solutions to meet the demands of their specific industry. Protecting vital components from the elements is a major priority—and our enclosures are UL and IP/NEMA rated and designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our enclosures are available in polycarbonate, fiberglass and stainless steel—making them extremely durable and resistant to both heat, chemicals and electromagnetic interference. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to match your needs and can be customized to match your unique specifications. View our selection of enclosures here.

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The seismic shift the coronavirus pandemic has had on day-to-day life is unprecedented.  It’s hard to believe how a microscopic agent has the power to disrupt the market, the economy and supply/demand chains on a global scale—but it has.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic is the only one of comparable scale. However, a big difference between today’s pandemic and the one in 1918 is technology.  Today, we have the luxury of using it in ways our ancestors over 100 years ago did not have.

Essentially, we can say that ‘viruses are the mother of invention’.  The shock to the supply chain has accelerated a technological revolution bubbling underneath the surface for many years: Automation.

This virus has created an opportunity to re-invent the way products and services are delivered.  For example, the food production industry has not performed well during the pandemic.  With its workers in close proximity to each other, the food supply industry has exhibited a high rate of COVID-19 infections.

There is a conundrum between shielding workers from illness—and getting back to business. Automated technology, robotics and its components may solve that dilemma.

Circular connectors play a critical role in automation, helping to facilitate production and delivery—keeping manufacturing disruption to a minimum.  See a brief overview of connectors in the food and beverage industry

The Best Connectors for Automation:

There are many varieties of connectors available on the market, with endless configurations and designs. However, the types of connector systems most ideal for automation are:

M12 Power Connectors – their ability to handle wide temperature extremes and the capability of carrying 630 Volts at 16 Amps, these compact connectors solve space requirement issues within the automation industry. Plus, their IP67/IP69K rating along with high-power transmission performance make it an overall cost-effective solution.

M8 & M12 Signal Connectors and Cordsets – Ideal for automation in manufacturing, these IP67 rated signal connectors and cordsets are suitable for IIoT and smart machine applications. They are a very cost- effective and reliable connectivity solution for many industrial automation signal-level applications.  

M23 Product Family

  • Signal – with many pin-out configurations, locking and housing styles, the M23 Signal has an option for a variety of automation applications, with a signal transmission up to 300 Volts and 20 Amps.

  • Power – these diverse connectors provide many pin-out configurations, locking and housing styles, making them a versatile option for a variety of automation applications. Power transmission goes up to 600 Volts and 28 Amps.

  • Hybrid – these compact all-in-one solutions have all the features of the M23 Power connector, but with a hybrid insert for transmission of power, signal and industrial Ethernet (IE).

These connectors are easily assembled, provide a reliable connection and are IP67 and IP69K rated, RoHS environmentally compliant.  Plus, they’re EMI ready and vibration proof—ensuring smooth equipment operation—one less thing to worry about during these uncertain times.

Circular Connector

View a complete portfolio of circular connectors here, or visit our website for more information.

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Sealcon Announcement Regarding COVID-19

As a supplier to critical manufacturing sectors in the area of medical equipment (ventilators, hospital beds, x-ray machines, scales, etc.) as well as utility (communication) and safety equipment (fire and rescue), Sealcon has been deemed essential and is exempt from any federal and state mandated stay-at-home orders.

In that spirit, Sealcon will continue to service you while taking the necessary precautions to keep our team and customer’s safety in mind. We will continue to receive and process customer orders in order to best meet your needs during this critical time.

We are running at full capacity and have committed to increase our inventory levels to over $2 million to meet our customer’s expectation for products.

We have asked all outside salespeople to put travelling on hold and, for the time being, to conduct any meetings via phone or video rather than in person.

We continue to adhere to local and state regulations as much as possible, while also following CDC and WHO guidelines within our own space (keeping a 6’ distance from each other, refraining from conducting meetings, using good sanitizing habits, etc.).  We continue to be committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers as COVID-19 affects the global community.

We are sure that there will be additional challenges. Should something change we will add any updates to this announcement.  With that, we ask for your help to start looking ahead and placing orders sooner to meet your future expectations.

We are in this together! 

Sealcon management and staff will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. We wish you all the best – please stay healthy and thank you for your trust!

If you have any questions about products or orders, please contact your Sealcon Sales Rep or call 800-456-9012. You can also send us a chat request here.

Daniel Spuhler
President / CEO

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Today, we live in two worlds when it comes to approvals for explosion-proof cable glands.  

We have the ATEX (IECEx) mainly found in Europe. Then, we have the UL Class/Div world—well-known in North America, especially here in the United States.

Although there are good reasons to use either the ATEX or UL, there is a need out there for a single cable gland that can be used worldwide and isn’t restricted to just one market. This is still the biggest challenge when looking for the perfect cable gland. 

Why is this? The reason is due to UL Class/Div requires different test parameters than ATEX, with its own test methods for impact and a 30 BAR static pressure test that may require a different design.  As a result, this makes it almost impossible to also include EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection.

Along with demanding outstanding quality, the market needs an economical and smart cable gland solution. This means a small footprint with optimal EMI protection as well as a simple assembly concept—saving both time and money.

All-in-One Solution Coming to Global Market

Here at Sealcon, we listened, and we rose to the challenge. In order to meet the global market demand, we streamlined our cable glands to bring you an all-in-one solution: The Metal Ex Cable Gland.

Learn more about our Sealcon Metal Ex Cable Glands.

This innovative cable gland covers all three ATEX, IECEx, and UL Class/Zone approvals—reducing supply chain and engineering efforts as well as time and cost for market-specific production and approvals. 

Along with the existing ATEX / IECEx approval, our Metal Ex Cable Gland series is now certified cCSAus for Class/Zone, which allows you to use the Glands in Class I and II Division 2 applications after NEC codes 501 and 502.

With that, we’d like to share 4 steps to get your application ready for UL Class/Div:

  • Choose thread size and cable diameter range
  • Get cCSAus class/zone file, check NEC Article 501 with clauses 37.3 and 37.4
  • Check cCSAus class/zone markings on the bag label (the gland itself only shows an ATEX / IECEx marking)
  • Hand over cCSAus class/zone file to your UL/CSA inspector, pointing out NEC Article 501

Sealcon’s Full Line of Ex-e/Ex-d Cable Glands:

Our complete product line of Ex cable glands is designed for Hazardous Areas and increased safety locations and all of them provide these key benefits:

Unique Product:
The patented recess form seal guarantees NEMA 4x & NEMA 6 (IP68 / IP69K) at 150 PSIG (10 BAR)

Pull-out Resistance & Cable Protection:
Overlapping clamping splines apply a concentric force, preventing the form seal from being pulled out of the gland. This ensures pull-out protection without damage to the cable.

Liquid Tight:
Machined O-Ring Groove: All or our Ex Cable Glands come with an O-Ring, resulting in a Liquid Tight Seal between cable gland and installation.

Time Saving Installation:
Simply push the cable through Cable Glands – Tighten Dome Nut Done! No disassembly of the cable glands required!

EXIOS Cable Glands – Standard, MZ, Barrier, Ex-d
and Ex-e Cable Glands Brass, Stainless Steel for Armored or Non-Armored for Hazardous Duty Locations, Nylon Clamping Insert, Silicone O-ring/Seal, V2, UL94 IP98, 5 BAR

Standard Cable Glands –Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e Cable Glands
Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands for Hazardous Duty Locations, Low Temperature, V0, UL94, NEMA 6, 150 PSIG, IP68 IP69K, 10 BAR

Foil / Braided Shield – Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e Cable Glands
Feed-Through works well with foil or braided shield and provides reliable grounding by means of metal spring fingers. Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands for EMI/RFI Braided & Foil Shielded Cables for Hazardous Duty Locations, Low Temperature, Metalized Nylon Spline with Buna-N Inserts V0, NEMA 6, 150 PSIG, IP68 IP69K, 10 BAR

MZ Clamp w/ Buna-N – Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e/Ex-d Cable Glands
Extra Pull-out Resistance and Cable torque prevention. Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands with MZ Clamp for Hazardous Duty Locations, Nylon/PVDF Splines with Bunda-N/ FPM Inserts, V0, NEMA 6, 150 PSIG, IP68, IP69K, 10 BAR

EMI / RFI Standard (BE) Version – Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e Cable Glands
Patented 360° grounding due to the internal O-Ring, ensures perfect contact between braided shield of cable and fitting. Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands for EMI/RFI Proof for Braided Cable in Hazardous Duty Locations, Nylon/PVDF Splines with Bunda-N & FPM Inserts, V0, UL94, NEMA 6, 150 PSIG, IP68, IP69K, 10 BAR

EMI/RFI Cable Gland w/Clamp for Braided Cable –Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e Cable Glands
Extra Pull-out Resistance, Torque Prevention on Braid Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands for EMI/RFI Braided Cables in Hazardous Duty Locations, Low Temperature, Nylon/PVDF Splines with Bunda-N & FPM Inserts, V0, NEMA 6, 150 PSIG, IP68, IP69K, 10 BAR

Multi-Hole Strain Relief Fittings – Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e Cable Glands
Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands with Mulit-Hole Inserts for Hazardous Duty Locations, V0, UL94, NEMA 6, IP68

Romex® – Flat Cable Strain Relief Fittings –
Nickel Plated Brass Ex-e Cable Glands
ThermoPlastic Elastomer Form Seal Insert Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glands with Romex® Inserts for Hazardous Duty Locations, V0, UL94, NEMA 6, IP68

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