As The Robotics Industry Grows, Connectivity Needs Rise

Image of robotic automation of factory producing cars. Sealcon has connectors for robotic applications.

A wide range of businesses have integrated robotics into their operations, realizing benefits such as increased efficiency, improved safety, higher productivity, and enhanced quality control. Robotic automation has brought benefits to processes such as assembly, packaging, quality inspection, and more. 

During the pandemic, demand for robotic technology increased as businesses sought ways to remain operational while mitigating Covid-19 health risks. According to research, robotics industry growth is projected to continue. In 2021 the market was valued at $65.3 billion and it is likely to reach up to $180 billion in 2027.

Dependable Connectivity for Successful Robotic Integration 

The success of a robotic integration depends on reliable connectors that will assure proper equipment performance. Dynamic robotic components are subject to constant movement and vibration making secure connections essential. For example, robotic end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) relies on locking circular connectors for signal, data, and power. 

The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT)

The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) involves collaborative robots that communicate with other systems and components (things) to learn independently, interact safely with humans and the environment, and gain functions like self-maintenance. IoRT applications can use the individual, collaborative, and collective intelligence of robotic things, as well as information from the infrastructure and operations to plan, implement, and complete job functions. Fail-safe connectivity is vital in these operations.

Sealcon Connectors for Robotic Applications

Sealcon offers a broad selection of circular connectors that are suited for the needs of robotic applications. Beneficial Sealcon connector attributes include:

  • Liquid Tight
  • Low Profile and Durable
  • Options for Hazardous and Increased Safety Areas 
  • UV Protection 
  • IP Submersion Rating

Sealcon circular connectors eliminate the need for rewiring and allow flexibility in equipment configuration. Sizes and configurations include M12, M16, M23, M27, and M40 in Signal, Power, Fast Ethernet, PoE, and Hybrid varieties. 

Many locking connector styles are available including standard threaded screw lock, Twilock ¼ turn connection system, and Twilock-S which mates to SpeedTEC® by Intercontec / TE Connectivity. All Sealcon Connectors are EMI Ready.

Sealcon’s line of quality strain relief connectors, cord grips, and cable glands are available in UL type NEMA 4X and 6 (IP68 and IP69K) and 150 PSIG pressure rating as well as V0 flammability rating according to UL 94. Sealcon cable glands are the best option on the market for performance and reliability.

Sealcon Meets Robotic Application Needs

Trust Sealcon for reliable connectors for the most demanding robotic applications and environments. We deliver the connectors you need as well as:

  • Industry Experience 
  • Application Support
  • Technical Assistance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Wide Range of In-Stock Sizes Ready to Ship
  • On Time Delivery

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