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Start The Year Off Right with Sealcon Cable Management

Image via As 2023 comes to a close, it is time to start thinking about 2024! The industrial and electrical market is recovering and growing quickly and having the correct product on time is crucial.  We are seeing 2024 as having great potential with growth in areas such as lighting, alternative energy, transportation, automation … Continued

Get Your Order in Soon for a 2023 Delivery

image via Wow time flies when you are having fun!  2023 is getting closer to wrapping up and now is the time to start placing your orders for the end of the year.  Even though Sealcon has an extensive supply of cable glands, circular connectors and many other cable management products stocked in our … Continued

Sealcon makes it easy to find the right component for your OEM application. Product quality,unsurpassed customer service, and product availability set Sealcon apart from the competition. Photo Credit: Ave Calvar from Unsplash The increasing need for connectivity in an ever-widening sphere of products and processes have made dependable connectors and cable management components for OEM … Continued

Sealcon Is Now Available In Mexico

We are proud to announce that we are expanding to cover the entire country of Mexico.  Now we can offer the same great products and customer service that we have been known for in the United States and Canada. In addition to a technical support staff in the United States, we also have local representation … Continued

In industry, cables and wires are exposed to exceptional loads. Heat and cold, tensile and compressive loads and wear-and-tear, all of which cause damage to cables and can result in malfunctions and loss of production. Prevent your wires and cables from damage with our range of conduit protection. The Poleon Plastic range and the galvanized … Continued

Conduit Solutions For You!

With our wide variety of nylon and metal conduit, we have the solution for your application! Whether you are looking for a product that requires flexibility or one that requires extreme temperatures, we have you covered. Contact us to today and one of our trained technical representatives will be more than happy to help you … Continued

Conduit Protection For Extreme Temperatures!

Cables and wires are exposed to exceptional loads. Hot and Cold cause damage to cables resulting in malfunctions and loss of production. The HUMMEL Meleon and Meleon Pro B cable protection conduits provide reliable protection that can withstand extreme changes in temperature. Meleon is a cable conduit made of galvanized steel (Meleon A) and is … Continued

Poleon and Meleon Conduit is Here!

Introducing the new Poleon and Meleon Conduit! Conduits provide reliable protection with versatile protection range. The Poleon plastic range and the galvanized steel protective tubing of the Meleon range offer suitable solutions for every application. A wide range of fittings makes it easy to find the right answer for every requirement! Nylon Conduit – Poleon … Continued

Snapclic DUO

As a society, it’s been our mission to find ways in which we can enjoy the best of both worlds. From chicken and waffles to labradoodles, we’ve become masters at having our cake and eating it too. Similarly, our Snapclic DUO offers two solutions in one: strain relief and conduit fitting. Not only are your … Continued

Snapclic DUO – Nylon

With this solution you get the best of both worlds. • Combination of Strain Relief and Conduit Fitting • Push-in system • Partially rotatable • Can be equipped with Multi-Hole inserts • Metal style can be changed to EMI/RFI Pressure Rating: IP 68 (10 bar) rated at the installation side, IP 54 on the Conduit … Continued

Conduit System – Turn-to-Seal Conduit Fitting

PG 7, PG 9, PG 11, PG 16, PG 21, PG 29, PG 36, PG 48 These Turn-to-seal fittings fit the same conduit as SM Push-in fittings. They offer an economical solution for machine builders. The elbow has a smooth inside transition, making installation of cable and wires easy. Features: ST & ET Fittings are … Continued

This STANDARD corrugated conduit is made of flame retardant & UV resistant Nylon. Most universal UR Listed for cable protection conduit for medium to high mechanical stresses. High angled consistency fixed and moderate flexing installations. This Standard Corrugated Conduit is made of flame retardant Nylon. This Conduit is suitable for static and moderate dynamic installations. … Continued

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