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According to recent agricultural production statistics, in the past two decades, the world has seen a steady upward trend in world agricultural production to meet expanding demand, with the production of primary crops growing by 54 percent between 2000 and 2021. This expanding demand has the farming industry looking for ways to profitably keep up. … Continued

Start The Year Off Right with Sealcon Cable Management

Image via As 2023 comes to a close, it is time to start thinking about 2024! The industrial and electrical market is recovering and growing quickly and having the correct product on time is crucial.  We are seeing 2024 as having great potential with growth in areas such as lighting, alternative energy, transportation, automation … Continued

Get Your Order in Soon for a 2023 Delivery

image via Wow time flies when you are having fun!  2023 is getting closer to wrapping up and now is the time to start placing your orders for the end of the year.  Even though Sealcon has an extensive supply of cable glands, circular connectors and many other cable management products stocked in our … Continued

Expanding Automation in the Food Processing Industry

Image by stockgiu via Vecteezy The food processing industry has embraced automation, and indications are that its adoption in the food and beverage industry is expanding rapidly. According to a robotics report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), in 2021, “the food and beverage industry installed 25% more robots, reaching a new peak level.” … Continued

Photo by Khwanchai Phanthong at Vecteezy In today’s age of automation, a reliable connection is required for the transmission of data, power, and signal to complete an operation or function.  In the past, a mechanical device may have only operated by an on/off function by the use of a power cord, but with technological advances, … Continued

Sealcon makes it easy to find the right component for your OEM application. Product quality,unsurpassed customer service, and product availability set Sealcon apart from the competition. Photo Credit: Ave Calvar from Unsplash The increasing need for connectivity in an ever-widening sphere of products and processes have made dependable connectors and cable management components for OEM … Continued

Essential Utilities Depend on Reliable Connectivity

Sealcon offers an extensive line of products for utility industry applications, with unique characteristics suited for the specific job environment. — Image by tawatchai07 on Freepik Utilities are a vital part of the nation’s infrastructure. A wide variety of equipment and devices are essential to the proper and consistent functioning of our national and local … Continued

Reliable Connectivity for Expanding Renewable Energy Industry

World governments have become increasingly focused on the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere to stop global warming. Efforts to end the threat of excessive greenhouse gases, namely CO2, center on reaching “net zero” goals, which means the amount of greenhouse gas emissions going into the atmosphere are balanced through removals. The transition from fossil … Continued

Dependable Connectivity for Automated Car Washes

Sealcon is the go-to source for connectivity needs in the automated car wash industry. Our comprehensive line of cable glands and connectors include options that are specifically designed to withstand and work dependably in the harsh, demanding conditions in automated car washes. Why Sealcon Products are Ideal for Automated Car Washes Sealcon connectors have an … Continued

M23/M40 Hybrid-Ready for Global Supply Chain Challenges

The complex global supply chain has a an ever-stronger demand for customization along with the desire for more data collection. Manufacturers and OEM’s are attempting to gain productivity improvements and uncover new ways of streamlining manufacturing and supply chain production. Sealcon can help with its vast portfolio of products. Among them is our Hybrid connectors … Continued

The Sealcon Twilock-S connection system is an extremely simple and highly reliable quick fastening system. Our Twilock-S metric circular plug-in connectors mate to Speedtec by Intercontec/TE Connectivity making adaptivity between these two connector systems technically possible. All it takes is just one click, a slight twist and the plug-in system goes from “Open” to “Close”; … Continued

Sealcon Is Now Available In Mexico

We are proud to announce that we are expanding to cover the entire country of Mexico.  Now we can offer the same great products and customer service that we have been known for in the United States and Canada. In addition to a technical support staff in the United States, we also have local representation … Continued

M12 Signal Cordsets For Automation and Manufacturing

With the development of technology improving every day you want to ensure that data is being collected and transmitted quickly and reliably.  Our M12 signal cordsets offer unparalleled connectivity along with the advantage of data and communication flow in a wide array of industrial applications. They are well-suited for applications in which a compact, dependable … Continued

Flexible Cable Glands For Dynamic Applications

Dynamic applications require components that allow for free movement.  Standard dome cable glands are great for securely holding wires in place, but if they are used in a non-static application they could cause kinking and chaffing to occur and cause damage to the wire.  To protect your wires and minimize repairs in industries such as … Continued

Circular connectors have become the “go to” solution for automation systems because of their benefits over hardwired systems. Circular connectors are easy to use, compact in size, extremely adaptable, and rugged enough for outdoor use.  One of the most popular circular connectors that we have to offer is our robust M23 connectors.  Our M23s are … Continued

Durable Products For Solar, Wind, And Outdoor Applications

Solar and other alternative energies are efficient, reliable, and have been adopted around the world as a source of clean and affordable energy.  In such a large and expanding industry, you want to make sure that every piece of equipment can withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors.  Sealcon offers a variety of products that … Continued

Food Safe Stainless Steel Fittings

In the food and beverage industries you want to make sure that your products avoid contamination at all costs.  Microorganisms and dirty equipment can lead to unwanted impurities which can harm the health of your consumers and your business.  Sealcon offers a large number of products that meet the hygienic requirements of the food and … Continued

The Versatile M23 TWILOCK – S Circular Connector

The M23 TWILOCK – S is the most versatile circular connector that we have to offer.  It has the same functions as our normal M23 connector with it our TWILOCK – S quick connect locking system.  This connector is much faster to install than the standard M23 screw connection, a ¼ twist is all that … Continued

Compact and Powerful M23 Circular Connectors

Sealcon’s M23 circular connectors are the robust connectors that you’ve been searching for.  The M23s are available with either power or signal inserts and are compact enough to fit into nearly any environment.  Our M23s  are built to the highest standards, earning them a pressure rating of IP 67 / IP 69.  The durability of … Continued

PVC and PUR Cables For M8 and M12 Cordsets

Sealcon has two different options for the cable material for both our M8 and M12 cordsets.  The standard material of our wire coating is a PVC coating.  The PVC coating is a more cost effective solution which is ideal for operations requiring less movement and bending of the cable.  In addition to the PVC coating … Continued

Over a century ago, the industrial revolution marked the development of a new age of machinery and equipment, laying the foundation of an era of unprecedented productivity.  In recent years, a similar revolution has emerged in the form of internet-driven communication capabilities.  Today, the merger of industrial processes and internet connectivity has created a new … Continued

Sealcon’s new M23 Power & Signal Twilock-S Connectors is intermateable with   Intercontec/Tyco’s Speedtec® technology. We offer 3 shell types in Signal and 2 shell types in Power with all common pin-out configurations. The reliable 1/4 turn quick-connect technology is the only brand crossing to Speedtec. Contact us today for more information!  

Jaeger Connecteurs by Sealcon!

Jaeger Connecteurs by Sealcon offers adapted connectors to be used in rough industrial environments. With an extensive product line ranging from Standard & Rapid to Robotics and Power Series, a solution is available for your every need. Jaeger is continuously adapting to meet the needs of many industries including automation, robotics, power, medical, automotive, marine, … Continued

The new compact & powerful M12 Power Circular Connector opens the door to entirely new applications and capabilities! The M12 Power Circular Connector boasts a high power transmission, a compact design, large temperature range and convincing electro-mechanical features. This is a major milestone in an age of miniaturization! The benefits of the M12 Power Circular … Continued

The new compact & powerful M12 Power Circular Connector opens the door to entirely new applications and capabilities! The M12 Power Circular Connector boasts a high power transmission, a compact design, large temperature range and convincing electro-mechanical features. This is a major milestone in an age of miniaturization! The benefits of the M12 Power Circular … Continued

M12: The answer to size and power requirements

This compact and powerful circular connector boasts high power transmission, compact design, large temperature range and convincing electro-mechanical features. Perfect for many applications in automation, robotics, packaging, manufacturing… the applications are endless! • Power transmission to 16 A and 630 V • Protection IP 67 and IP 69K • Cable diameter up to 11 mm … Continued

The New M12 Power Circular Connector is Here!

A major milestone in an age of miniaturization we present the “NEW” M12 Power Connector! It boasts high power transmission, compact design, large temperature range and convincing electro-mechanical features. This compact and powerful circular connector meets demand for more power with a smaller footprint yet still has internationally proven quality and conforms to Global Norm … Continued

Industrial Ethernet – Which is the right connector?

The industrial Ethernet connector is becoming increasingly important in the world of automation technology. In this era of Industry 4.0, everything is about the reliability and speed of data transmission. M23 RJ45, M12, M16, M23 Hybird Read More about the one and 2 plug solutions available at Sealcon.

New TWILOCK Quick Connectors Video!

Complete TWILOCK Product Listing Twilock Features: • Clearly defined positioning • Can be locked with a slight roataion from OPEN to CLOSE • Multi-functional: Special thread allows use of Twilock and screw connection • Quick connecting with patented Polygon Lock • Easy handling, exceptional functionality • Resistant to vibration

RJ45 – M23 Industrial Circular Connector Solution Sealcon / Hummel offer the best heavy duty connector solution, We offer everything from straight female or male, Panel Mount, Single Hole Mount, Elbow Connector when it comes to a RJ45 solution.

M23 Signal Connector – Straight, Female Thread

Inserts & Configurations: 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 17 & 19 Pole Contact: 1 mm, 1.5 mm & 2 mm Machined Lengths Features: • Fewer parts • One step cable assembly with optional EMI shielding • No tools required to insert and extract contacts • Crimp contacts machined or on tape • Solder contacts for … Continued

Stainless Steel Connectors can be used in many applications, where the environment dedicates a corrosion proof solution. M23 Signal Connector Features: Fewer parts; One step cable assembly with optional EMI shielding; No tools required to insert and extract contacts; Crimp contacts machined or on tape; Solder contacts for manual soldering or dip soldering for PC … Continued

Connector Motor Mounts for AC/DC Motors and Encoders

SEALCON carries a large assortment of Hummel Cable Management Components consisting of Liquid Tight Cord Grips, Circular Connectors (M16, M23, M27, M40, RJ45, Profinet & Twintus), Industrial Enclosures (Plastic & Metal). Types: Dome, Flex, Elbow, EMI/RFI, Clamping, X-Large, Mini, PVDF, Stainless Steel, Zinc, etc. Threads: NPT, Metric & PG. Industries Served: Rotary and Linear Encoders, … Continued

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