The Versatile M23 TWILOCK – S Circular Connector

The M23 TWILOCK – S is the most versatile circular connector that we have to offer.  It has the same functions as our normal M23 connector with it our TWILOCK – S quick connect locking system.  This connector is much faster to install than the standard M23 screw connection, a ¼ twist is all that is needed to connect or disconnect.  Two different housing options are available including a straight housing and a right angle panel mount.  The connectors come in either signal or power and there are multiple termination choices including crimp, solder, dip solder, and screw terminations. In addition to being compatible with the rest of our modular M23 connectors, the TWILOCK – S is the only connector on the market that is intermateable with Speedtec® by Intercontec/Tyco.  To learn more about our M23 TWILOCK –  S Connector, visit us at or call one of our technical sales staff.

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