Leader in Cable Management Solutions

Not all cable management products are created equal! Why would you spend your time and money on building a piece of equipment or machinery, but allow it to fail because you do not have your cables protected, secured, or terminated correctly? Sealcon’s wide selection of Cable Glands, Circular Connectors, Adapters, Reducers, Enlargers, Hole Plugs, Locking Nuts and much more are engineered to the highest German standards to minimize failure of your equipment or product!

With some of the highest approvals available in the industry, Sealcon offers cable glands that can be submersed up to 300 feet underwater (IP68) as well as products specifically designed to resist degradation due to the suns harsh UV rays.

In addition, Sealcon’s metric Circular connectors are designed to connect power, signal, and ethernet and offer a reliable connection and maximize efficiency. Hybrid options are also available where you can run power, signal, and ethernet all in one connector, a major advancement in the connector industry!

A Solution to Connect to Speedtec

Sealcon’s space-saving Twilock-S easy locking connectors are providing manufacturers with a quality, dependable product that is available now, solving the problem of supply chain delays.

Chemical Resistant Cable Glands

Sealcon offers a specially designed cable gland to accommodate these requirements constructed of a PVDF plastic compound. If you were to use a standard nylon cable gland in areas that may come in contact with some chemicals, they would disintegrate which could cause a failure of your application and costly warranty claims, downtime, and repairs.

Connector Solutions for Automation

With the automation trend being crucial for many companies’ success, it is very important to have a reliable and quality connection to transfer signal, power, and data. Sealcon offers a wide variety of Metric Metal Circular Connectors that ensure your equipment will run as designed and will stand up to the wear and tear that can happen in manufacturing facilities.