Food processing Strain Relief
No nooks and crannies

Food processing fittings for antimicrobial applications!

FP/RG Glands »

Liquid Tight Strain Relief, Cord Grips and Cable Glands!

Why not offer the best solution? If you want to solve a Strain Relief, Cord Grip or Cable Gland requirement – don't settle for less!

Let us assist you with your application needs in solar, wind, oil and gas, pumps, filters, fans, transducers, sensors, scales, flow meters, lighting, motors, encoders, power supplies, antennas, and harnesses for pool and spa, car washes and many more!

Sealcon stocks a large inventory in the United States and Canada and has a number of stocking/non-stocking distributors throughout North America. We replenish our inventory weekly and can respond to changing demands.

Choose Sealcon quality for your next application.


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