When connectors are needed for motor and drives, conveyors, automation, robotics, assembly lines and similar applications, profits depend on getting into production quickly. Sealcon’s space-saving Twilock-S easy locking connectors are providing manufacturers with a quality, dependable product that is available now, solving the problem of supply chain delays.

As manufacturing designs become smaller, space constraints have created a challenge with the ability to secure and remove connectors. Sealcon has developed an innovative approach to meet the needs of miniaturized designs with the Twilock-S easy locking system. A quick ¼ turn connects the Twilock-S connector to other Sealcon connectors. Twilock-S connectors also mate with SpeedTec® by Intercontec/TE Connectivity connectors.

Connects Quickly and Securely in Any Space

The quick and easy installation of the field-attachable Twilock-S connector means significant savings in terms of time and costs. Twilock-S connectors mate quickly with just a quarter turn and have a clear open and closed notation on the housing, verifying a secure connection and eliminating errors. Environments that have limited or no visibility are helped with the self-guiding mating design that will only allow the connector to be mated one way.

Vibration Resistant for a Dependable Connection

The robust design of the Twilock-S provides high vibration resistance, limiting production down times due to connectors coming loose. The Twilock-S locking system is available in Signal, Power and Hybrid options in M23 and M40 in a variety of pin-out configurations.

Avoid Downtime with Twilock-S Connectors Fast Turnaround

In addition to reliability, and quick installation, Sealcon Twilock-S connectors are available and ready for shipment, so you have them when you need them. By specifying Twilock-S, you can be assured of quality connectors delivered in half the time of other brands.

M23 Twilock – S

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M40 Twilock – S

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