Sealcon products, are made of the best, highest-grade quality strain relief fittings, cable gland, cord grip, circular connectors, enclosures
and accessories. We have over 6000+ types, sizes and styles to choose from. Plus, our products are UL, UR, CSA, VDE, CE PCT Gost,
German Lloyd (GL), TUV, RoHS, Deca BDE, ATEX, IECEx, Ex-e
 and Ex-d approved and certified!

Here are only a few of the features & benefits our products have:

  • Temperature Range: -76°F to 356°F (-60°C – 180°C)
  • Type NEMA 4x & 6 (IP 67 & 68) – Liquid Tight – Submersible to 300 ft!
  • IP 69K rated – Ideal in splash or hose down applications!
  • Patented Form Seal allows 150 PSIG (10 BAR) rating – Highest in Industry!
  • V0 flame rating according to UL 94 (Dome Nylon & PVDF Only) – Low Smoke / Halogen & Phosphorous Free – Non-Toxic!
  • UL f1 (746C) UV/Ozone Stable – Ideal for the Outdoors! All Black Nylon (Dome & Flex) Strain Relief Fittings, Cord Grips,
  • Cable Glands are now made with UV / Ozone Stable material.
  • Concentric O-Ring Groove – meets most Type NEMA applications!
  • Antivibration Safety Ratchet Top Cap – Preventing Dome/Flex top from coming loose under vibration!
  • Large selection – Cable Range from .08” (2 mm) to 1.73” (44 mm).
  • Non-Corrosive – Resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, esters, ketones, ether, gasoline, mineral, animal & vegetable oil.
  • RoHS & Deca BDE – Environmentally Compliant to the newest standards!

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Pull-out Resistance & Cable Protection Overlapping clamping splines apply a concentric pressure to seal around cable, thereby preventing
the form seal from being pulled out of the fitting. This ensures pull-out protection without damage to the cable.

Submersible The patented recess and high-performance form seal (grommet) guarantees Type NEMA 4x & 6 (IP 68 / IP 69K) at 150 PSIG (10 bar).

Rugged Construction The self-locking ACME thread prevents the dome or flex nut from being pulled out under extreme lateral force.

Liquid Tight Molded O-Ring groove with O-Ring results in a liquid tight seal between Fitting and Installation.

Time Saving Installation Simply push the cable through Strain Relief Fitting – Tighten Dome or Flex Nut – Done! No disassembly of the Fitting required!