In an ever changing world, the need for automation is increasing at an exponential pace.  With consumers purchasing more tangible items, shortages in labor and the need for increased efficiency, automation is becoming a popular trend in the manufacturing and logistics industries.  From robots that are assembling products to logistic facilities that pack and label items, automation is important to keep up with consumer demand and also grow a company.

With the automation trend being crucial for many companies’ success, it is very important to have a reliable and quality connection to transfer signal, power, and data.  Sealcon offers a wide variety of Metric Metal Circular Connectors that ensure your equipment will run as designed and will stand up to the wear and tear that can happen in manufacturing facilities.

  • Range in sizes from M12-M40
  • Nickel plated brass housings standard, optional Stainless Steel
  • Field attachable
  • 3 locking styles available- Standard Screw Thread Style, ¼ turn Twilock, and ¼ turn Twilock-S which mates to Speedtec® by Intercontec / TE
  • Field attachable for easy installation
  • Low Profile and Durable

M12 Power

M12 Power Connectors

Compact size power connector with high capabilities! 16 Amps & 630 Volts.

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M16 Connector

M16 connectors

A favorite in the industry due to the capabilities and performance that is offered all within a compact housing.

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