Cable Gland Approvals: Connecting Two Different Worlds

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Sealcon is facing a global market demand for one product covering both, ATEX / IECEx, and UL class/zone approvals. With Sealcon’s new BXA Active series user has the opportunity to drastically reduce its supply chain and engineering efforts by meeting UL Class/div and the ATEX requirements with only one single solution. Along with the existing ATEX / IECEx approval the BXA Active series is now certified cCSAus for Class / Zone which allows using the Glands also in Class I and II Division 2 applications after NEC codes 501 and 502.

Sealcon Essential Business

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As a supplier to Critical Manufacturing Sectors in the area of Medical Equipment (Ventilator, Hospital beds, Scales and X-Ray machine, etc.), as well as Utility (Communication) and Safety Equipment (Fire and Rescue Equipment) we have been asked to remain open. We therefore asked our employee to come to work as well. We’ll continue to adhere… Read more »


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Sealcon Announcement Regarding COVID-19 As a supplier to critical manufacturing sectors in the area of medical equipment (ventilators, hospital beds, x-ray machines, scales, etc.) as well as utility (communication) and safety equipment (fire and rescue), Sealcon has been deemed essential and is exempt from any federal and state mandated stay-at-home orders. In that spirit, Sealcon… Read more »

UL Industrial Enclosures

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Enclosures for High-Density Cable Management Needs   If engineers were allowed, they would give you 50 buttons—but when you’re driving it’s not feasible to use them all, so it’s better to have the select few that you really need. Sealcon LLC prides itself on offering selective and personalized product solutions for specific application requirements. In… Read more »