Sealcon Serves Growing EV Market

Over the past few years, several governments and car manufacturers have set goals to phase out sales of internal combustion engine cars within the next two decades. Concurrently, the EV market is quickly growing to overtake traditional automobiles as the new preferred vehicle technology. As discussed in a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the United States has made “an ambitious 50% electrification target for new cars by 2030, supported by the announcement of the installation of 500,000 charging points to help increase consumer confidence.”

EV Market Demand For Critical Components

The current geopolitical crisis and global uncertainty surrounding oil supplies have accelerated the demand for EV vehicles and the need for charging stations. Manufacturers of these new technologies must secure dependable supply chain sources in order to meet production goals. Sealcon has been able to serve the needs of charging station manufacturers with a number of connector products and cable glands which are ideally suited for these applications.

Like gas pumps, charging stations must be designed and built to withstand outdoor environments. Resistance to water leakage and UV damage is essential for the connection components for these applications. These characteristics are also important in electric vehicle assemblies. 

EV Market Applications

  • Consumer Vehicle EV Charging Stations
  • Charging Stations for Commercial Vehicles
  • Vehicle Components for Consumer and Commercial EVs
  • Utility Vehicles and Charging Stations for Utility Vehicles
  • Retrofit/Aftermarket Vehicle Conversion to Electric

Sealcon Products are Ideal For EV Applications

Sealcon dome and flex glands provide a water-tight seal and are extremely well suited for electric vehicles and charging station assemblies. These can be specified in nickel plated brass, or nylon to offer UV and corrosion resistance. Most of these parts are used inside the machine on components like sensing devices or metering devices. 

Sealcon connectors are also used to connect different devices within the equipment for easy installation, removal, and repair. Sealcon connectors are available in power as well as signal versions. Many components within EV charging stations are also moving data as well as just power.

Advantages of Sealcon Products

  • Ideal for Outdoor Applications
  • UL Rating
  • IP Submersion Rating
  • Wide Range of In-Stock Sizes
  • Ready to Ship
  • Technical Assistance

Trust Sealcon for high quality, reliable connectors delivered on time. Contact us to discuss your project and get a free quote.

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