Sealcon Essential Business

As a supplier to Critical Manufacturing Sectors in the area of Medical Equipment (Ventilator, Hospital beds, Scales and X-Ray machine, etc.), as well as Utility (Communication) and Safety Equipment (Fire and Rescue Equipment) we have been asked to remain open. We therefore asked our employee to come to work as well.

We’ll continue to adhere to local and state regulations as much as possible while also following CDC and WHO guidelines within our own space (keeping a 6’ distance from each other, refraining from conducting meetings, using good sanitizing habits, etc.).

Among many other, the following Companies have expressed that Sealcon LLC remains open to meet their supply chain needs:

Haas Automation, Inc.
Nidec Motor Corp.
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Ansen Corp.
Douglas Machine
Franklin Electric
Winpak Lane, Inc.
Glentek, Inc.

Kind regards,

Daniel Spuhler
President / CEO

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