Hygenic Glands That Perform!

The Hygienic Cable Gland design from Sealcon has been developed for applications with special requirements demanding quality and performance. They are used in areas where highly hygienic standards for cleaning are required, specifically areas where deposits of bacteria and microorganisms need to be avoided.
o The elastic membrane sealing avoids cable slipping
o Easy cleaning because of a smooth surface and lack of corners
o Resistant enclosure made of stainless steel (AISI 316L)
o High-quality silicone sealing
o EHEDG-certified
o Free of halogens and phosphate
o High-pressure tested (IP 69K RG Gland)
o Operating temperature -40°C to + 120°C (-40°F to + 248°F)
o Optimal strain relief
o 360° EMI contacting
o Connection thread M12 to M32
o No twisting of the seal inserts and cables
o Fast and easy assembly without special tools
o Surface roughness
o Resistant 316L stainless steel enclosure
o High chemical resistance

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