Sealcon Meets Connectivity Needs for Mining Industry

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Mining continues to be an essential industry across the globe. From the need for rare earth minerals used in the development of electric vehicles, to the coal needed for electrical plants to meet increasing demand, mining operations are an important industry. While the market remains strong, the mining operations of today look much different than they once did. Increased focus on the health and safety of miners, along with concern for the environment have led to significant change in the mining industry.  

Mining Technology and AI

Automated technologies are replacing human labor for many mining related jobs that involve a high risk for health and safety. While existing mines are difficult to retrofit, all new mines are being built and engineered to accommodate automation. Robot diggers, automated vehicles, and tracking devices are all examples of the new technologies being employed in mines.

Mining predictions for 2023 indicates a shift toward the use of artificial intelligence, stating:

“Artificial intelligence will be commonplace in mining operations, as miners use it to interpret data from smart sensors and machine interconnection, and to improve operational safety and efficiency through unmanned, AI-enabled technologies. This will transform mining into one of the safest occupations of its kind.”

All of these technological developments have a common requirement – dependable connectivity

Sealcon Delivers Connector Technologies for Mining Applications

Sealcon offers reliable, high performance solutions for connectivity in mining applications including conveyor systems, robotics, positioning systems, wash plants, and more.

Sealcon circular connectors offer the ease of not having to re-wire equipment and allow equipment set up to be flexible. Sizes and configurations include M12, M16, M23, M27, and M40 in Signal, Power, Fast Ethernet, PoE, and Hybrid varieties. They are available in many locking styles including standard Threaded screw lock, Twilock ¼ turn connection system, and Twilock-S which mates to SpeedTEC® by Intercontec / TE Connectivity. All Sealcon Connectors are EMI Ready.

Sealcon also provides strain relief connectors, cord grips, and cable glands that are available in UL type NEMA 4X and 6 (IP68 and IP69K) and 150 PSIG pressure rating as well as V0 flammability rating according to UL 94. Sealcon cable glands are the best option on the market for performance and reliability in challenging mining environments.

Advantages of Sealcon Products 

  • EX Rating for Hazardous Environments
  • UL Rating
  • Nylon
  • Stainless Steel
  • UV Protection
  • IP Submersion Rating
  • Wide Range of In-Stock Sizes
  • Ready to Ship
  • Technical Assistance

Trust Sealcon for high quality, reliable connectors and cable glands that meet the demands of mining applications. We’ll get you the connectors and cable glands you need on time and within budget.
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