Dependable Connectivity for Automated Assembly Lines

In the early 1900’s, the assembly line concept revolutionized manufacturing and made the automobile affordable for working class households throughout the United States. Since that time, automation and robotics have further enhanced assembly line capabilities, increasing productivity and profitability in a wide range of industries.

As manufacturing has become more specialized and diversified, assembly lines rarely build products from start to finish. Today’s assembly line operations create different parts and assemblies in different factories, and the parts then get shipped to another plant for further assembly. This type of specialization allows for plants to be more streamlined, cost effective, and efficient.

Data Collection Requirements for Assembly Lines 

Communication and coordination is essential for managing today’s manufacturing and assembly processes. ISO 9000 quality management and assurance is a necessity for many industries. Managers rely heavily on accurate data collection, which allows them to check manufacturing data in real time. This data is used for quality control, tracking production timelines, monitoring product quantities, and more. The collection and transfer of this data requires dependable connectivity.

Assembly Lines with Integrated Robotics 

Thanks to innovation in robotic technology, robotic assembly offers a new generation of automation capabilities, which have emerged to meet a broader range of manufacturing needs. Advanced robotic technologies are integrated into a multitude of industrial assembly line processes.  Whether it is a robotic system with one or multiple assembly operations occurring within a work cell, reliable connections are crucial. 

Sealcon Products For Assembly Line Applications

Circular Connectors

Sealcon offers a wide range of circular connectors that meet the demands of assembly line applications. Our connectors offer the ease of not having to re-wire equipment and allow equipment design to be modular. Sizes and configurations include M12, M16, M23, M27, and M40 in Signal, Power, Fast Ethernet, PoE, and Hybrid varieties. They are available in many locking styles including standard Threaded screw lock, Twilock ¼ turn connection system, and Twilock-S which mates to SpeedTEC® by Intercontec TE Connectivity. All Sealcon Connectors are EMI Ready

Strain Relief Connectors, Cord Grips, & Cable Glands

Sealcon’s line of quality strain relief connectors, cord grips, and cable glands are available in UL type NEMA 4X and 6 (IP68 and IP69K) and 150 PSIG pressure rating as well as V0 flammability rating according to UL 94. Sealcon cable glands are the best option on the market for performance and reliability.

Sealcon Cable Gland / Connector Benefits

  • Liquid Tight
  • Low Profile and Durable
  • Options for Hazardous and Increased Safety Areas 
  • UL Rating
  • UV Protection 
  • IP Submersion Rating
  • Wide Range of In-Stock Sizes
  • Ready to Ship
  • Technical Assistance

Trust Sealcon for assembly line system connectors that meet the challenges of your application. Get the connectors and cable glands you need on time and within budget, along with the benefit of our extensive experience and application support.

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