The Newly Redesigned M23 TWILOCK-S Right Angle Panel Mount

Our new M23 TWILOCK-S connector comes in a newly redesigned right-angle panel mount.  The right angle panel mount, like our other M23 TWILOCK –S connectors, can be equipped with either a power or signal insert and is intermateable with Speedtec® by Intercontec/Tyco.

The panel mount has been recently redesigned to make it more robust and accessible.  The housing has been redesigned, it now opens with a screw and slides open as opposed to the previous hinged design, allowing the housing to be more compact, making it better suited for cramped environments.  Installation of the panel mount is now easier than ever, due to all locking and fastening screws being easily accessible.  For more information on the new right angle panel mount, visit our website or contact us today!

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