Sealcon Cable Glands: The Perfect Fit for Food Processing Manufacturers and Processors


Food safety is always a concern for manufacturers and processors of food related items. Even though in the United States sickness from food borne illnesses is at an all time low, manufacturers are always striving to keep their customers healthy and provide quality products.  This does not only mean they are concerned with just the raw materials that are going into your favorite foods, but they are diligently upgrading machinery to enhance cleanliness and efficiency.  With the advancement of automation in the food processing industry, an entire generation of new equipment and manufacturing facilities are being developed to meet the ever increasing demand for quality and food safety.  These new machines are controlled by censors, conveyor systems, motors, inspection devices and more.  All of these components use electrical connections that require the need for cable glands to secure and protect cables from damage. Sealcon offers a wide array of products that are used on specialty equipment specifically designed for high performance applications and to minimize food safety issues. 

Stainless steel 303 / 316L Cable Glands are made to handle the most demanding food processing environments.

In food manufacturing facilities, stainless steel is the preferred metal due to its ease of cleaning and corrosion resistance.  Sealcon offers two different lines of cable glands designed in 303 and 316L stainless steel to handle any demand it may encounter. The main difference between the two alloys is 316L has the addition of molybdenum as an alloying agent and a higher nickel content creating an even more durable product. 

Sealcon Cable Glands have a PVDF Spline with FKM for Extreme Temperatures.

Newly released to the market, Sealcon now offers a Hygienic gland specifically designed for the food production industry.  Designated as the RG gland, this product has been developed with a smooth streamlined design to help eliminated any chance of debris attaching itself to the product.  The RG gland has been engineered for performance with 316L stainless steel as well as blue silicone which is FDA compliant. In fact, all components of this cable gland are FDA compliant as well as they are UL certified! So why does this matter? When contamination builds up on a fitting or component within manufacturing, there is a possibility for bacteria or mold growth to be present causing food borne illness.  With the smooth design of the RG gland, areas where water pooling and where debris could sit has been eliminated.  This is especially important with the cleaning process that is conducted within these factories.  By having a streamlined design, now high pressure cleaning can be conducted without the manual labor of brushing the fitting which can save time and money! In addition, this fitting has an integrated EMI option that allows you to terminate the shielding of a cable to avoid cross talking.  This is very important in today’s market where manufacturing machinery is computerized and could encounter interference from other components.  Many food processing sectors have found success with the new design such as meat processing, beverage, food packaging, food x-ray equipment, agricultural farm equipment and many more.  The versatility of the RG gland makes it an ideal choice when you need to secure a cable while also taking into account food safety principles.

Sealcon is Ready to Meet Evolving Industry Demands with a Wide Selection of Cable Glands.

As food processing facilities continue to modernize to keep up with the ever evolving consumer demand, the market will see exponential growth and innovation will continue.  Sealcon understands the demands this market requires and offers a wide selection of products to meet and exceed the demands you require.

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