TWILOCK: Simply Efficient

Take a couple steps back and think about the moment you first realized how easy it was to connect two LEGO pieces. Do you remember the “AH-HA” feeling you had once you grasped the simplicity of building towers and the endless possibilities you had uncovered? You’ll experience a similar feeling when you discover the process of locking our TWILOCK Connector is just as simple.

Our TWILOCK Connector offers easy handling and exceptional functionality. Even when access is limited, a simple “twist” and “click” will secure your connection. The TWILOCK is also multi-functional and works with screw connections.

One “twist” and “click”… a plug in for connectors even when the access is difficult.

We offer a TWILOCK-S-Version that is compatible to Speedtec, which makes our connectors interchangeable with other connectors. Both the TWILOCK and TWILOCK-S are available in Power and Signal. Both provide a quick connect fastening system with easy to read “open” and “close” labeling.

Quick Features:

  • One step cable assembly with optional EMI shielding
  • No extra tools needed to insert or extract contacts
  • Clearly defined positioning


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