Poleon and Meleon Conduit is Here!

Introducing the new Poleon and Meleon Conduit!
Conduits provide reliable protection with versatile protection range. The Poleon plastic range and the galvanized steel protective tubing of the Meleon range offer suitable solutions for every application. A wide range of fittings makes it easy to find the right answer for every requirement!
Nylon Conduit – Poleon – Slit & Solid
o Raw material certified according to UL94 DUN 06-50
o Protects cable against heat and cold materials
o PA 6 (standard), PA 12
o Accessories : T & Y Coupler, MB brackets
Metal Conduit – Meleon
o Metal Spiral and PVC coated
o Metal Spiral with steel wire braid
o Metal Spiral PVC coated with steel wire braid
o Accessories : Brackets

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