Flexible Cable Glands For Dynamic Applications

Dynamic applications require components that allow for free movement.  Standard dome cable glands are great for securely holding wires in place, but if they are used in a non-static application they could cause kinking and chaffing to occur and cause damage to the wire.  To protect your wires and minimize repairs in industries such as robotics, automation, and alternative energy, we recommend our flex tail fittings for dynamic applications.

Our flex tail fittings feature a spiral flex that allow free range of movement while still holding the cables securely in place.  Options are available in three different thread types including PG, NPT, and Metric.  You can get these fittings in either black or gray nylon, nickel plated brass, or chemical resistant PVDF for clean room applications.  We also offer the flex cable glands in a 90 Degree Snap Elbow Flex fitting for cramped environments.   If you have any questions regarding our Flex cable glands, click here to be taken to our website or call one of our trained technical sales staff today.

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