Our Hygienic Gland Is UL And UR Approved!

Sealcon is proud to announce that our new Hygienic RG gland has been UL and UR approved! The high pressure spray down capabilities of this cable gland make it the perfect solution for many industries. From food processing, bottling, Medical, Pharma and many other applications, this is the perfect solution! With a smooth surface that eliminates nooks and crannies that can hold material or bacteria, this product is a must have when cleanliness is of the highest importance. Also our silicone insert eliminates water pooling and resists high pressure which makes it an ideal candidate for meat processing and areas that are sprayed down to clean regularly. Contact us today to find out about our wide variety of hygienic glands as well as our 6,000+ other cable management solutions! www.SealconUSA.com 


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