Powering the Performance: M23 Circular Connectors & Sealcon Multi-Hole Cable Glands

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Concerts today are not only about the music, but a convergence of light and sound that culminates in a next level show experience. For excited fans anticipating the performance of their favorite artist, this can be the event of a lifetime. Now, imagine the lights or sound systems fail. Thousands of invested fans who have waited months or even years for this event are left confused and devastated. No entertainer or concert company wants to experience a reputation killing disaster like this, but it could happen as a result of something as basic as low-quality cable management solutions.

Reliable Connectivity When “The Show Must Go On”

Entertainment venues and the production companies they partner with invest in industry-leading equipment and the most sophisticated technologies. Equal consideration should be given to secure and dependable cable connectivity for sound and lighting systems. However small the investment may seem in comparison, specifying reliable, high-performance connectors and cable glands is essential. Especially in high-tech concert venues, arenas and production companies.

Sealcon is Trusted by the Best

Dependable cable management solutions are a must for entertainment projects. From maintaining light and power connectivity, to keeping cool on location, Sealcon is the industry’s reliable choice. Many artists / bands have reached new levels of fame, fortune and status when Sealcon connectivity products are used to execute flawlessly stage experiences.

Our Cable Management Solutions Can Handle Life on the Road

Life on the road is tough, even for equipment. The lighting and sound systems roll down the road on an 18-wheeler from town to town, and dedicated crews set up these systems night after night to ensure an amazing show. Sealcon’s top-quality cable glands, circular connectors, and related components provide dependable power connectivity when failure is not an option.

Multi-Hole Nylon Cable Glands and the All Important Accessories

Multi-Hole Nylon Cable Glands with elastomer form seals feature a rugged design and are made from materials that are well-suited for cold nights and hot days. Low quality multi-hole cable glands use rubber which will not make a solid seal. With our elastomer seal for multi-hole cable glands, many smaller wires can go through the same cable gland, keeping that grouping of wires together.

  • Operating temperature of -40C° to 100C° (-40°F to 212°F)
  • V-O rated for flame resistance
  • Black Nylon has built-in sunscreen
  • Wide variety of adapters and reducers
  • PG to NPT or metric connection

Other Great Products for Powering the Performance:

M23 Circular Connectors Provide Backstage Energy

This convergence of light and sound requires power. Sealcon M23 Circular Connectors deliver performance and power to take the show to the next level.

  • Spring-loaded sockets that can withstand the vibration of sound
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F)
  • Amp rating of 8 – 20 A
  • Voltage rating of 150 – 300 V

Also Available in Twilock-S with just a ¼ turn these M23 Circular Connectors can be connect or disconnect. Great for small spaces and quick connections. Sealcon M23 Circular Connectors with Twilock or Twilock-S have an anti-vibration O-ring for when the vibration of the music really gets going. The power and signal circular connectors keep their connections.

Why Leave It All to Chance with Low-Quality Cable Management?

Maybe you have been to a show that had a problem. If you were lucky, there was only an hour or so delay. Or have you been to a show that did not go on at all? Did you want to see that band, artist, or production again? Probably not. Why leave it all to chance with low-quality cable management?

Why Using Low-Quality Cable Management Products Can Cost You Much, Much More

So, you used low-quality cable management products for your top-tier theater production or concert, and it all went bad. What are the consequences? Revenue loss in the millions of dollars for refunds. If you’re lucky, maybe you can reschedule, which will incur enormous costs. Then there are the logistical costs of rearranging the event again, and now the equipment needs to be fixed or, worse, replaced, costing tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum. What about the contractual penalties for breaking the contract paid to the venue, sponsors, and others? Then comes the insurance claim, leading to higher premiums in the future.

And finally, the reputational damage: News travels fast today. With all the recordings of concerts, someone gets a video of the power going out, sparks flying from the stage, the video goes viral, and the world knows something bad happened. They don’t know you used low-quality cable management products; they just know that the show they spent their hard-earned money on went bad, and they are mad.

Why not use top-quality cable management products from Sealcon? This way, you can relax and enjoy the show.

Sealcon Delivers the Full Package and Unbeatable Performance

At Sealcon are a one-stop shop for cable management solutions with connectivity technology as well as cable and wire. Contact Sealcon today for your next-level entertainment needs. We help the show to go on.

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