M23 PoE Circular Connectors Deliver Fast Ethernet With Signal or Power

In dynamic applications, you want components that are both durable and don’t take up a lot of space.  This is especially true for industries such as robotics, railways, and automation.  For these applications we recommend using our PoE M23 circular connectors.  These hybrid connectors offer Ethernet transmission up to a one gigabyte range (Cat7) as well as either a power or signal transmission.  What would normally be done by two separate connectors can now be done with one, saving space and costs.

The M23 PoE circular connectors are available with up to five individual EMI shielded circuits, guaranteeing safe data transmission.  In addition, the connecting components are HF – technically matched to an impedance of 100 Ohm which eliminates cross – talking. As standard RJ45 lines are wearing out and becoming more unreliable you want to ensure that they are replaced with products that are dependable and capable of handling high transmission speeds.   These PoE connectors are available in either a straight or right angle housing or as a panel mount.   If you would like to find out more information on our POE M23 circular connectors, click here or call one of our technical sales staff.

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