Sealcon Exclusive: The Game-Changing Power of DIV Rated – Fiber-Reinforced Cable Glands

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Sealcon Exclusive: The Game-Changing Power of DIV Rated – Fiber-Reinforced Cable Glands

Imagine a bustling oil refinery, where flammable vapors linger in the air and the slightest spark could trigger disaster. In these unforgiving conditions, reliable cable protection is essential. That’s where Sealcon’s fiber-reinforced nylon cable glands offer protection beyond metal.

Chemical plants, mining operations, offshore platforms and other potentially explosive atmospheres need connectivity, but the environments present serious challenges in providing a reliable, failsafe method for sealing and securing cables. These include areas where flammable gases, vapors, liquids, or combustible dusts may be present. Cable glands have a vital role to play in preventing the entry of hazardous substances into electrical systems or instrumentation equipment, thereby limiting the risk of ignition.

Sealcon BXA and BXI Series – The Only Fiber Reinforced Nylon Cable Glands

Sealcon BXA and BXI series cable glands / strain relief connectors / cord grips are manufactured with high-grade materials and innovative features designed to meet your HAZLOC challenges. BXA and BXI fittings are unique in that they are the only fiberglass reinforced fittings on the market. 

Offering superior impact resistance, they can even take the place of some metal cable glands, providing weight and cost savings, as well as being resistant to corrosion.

The BXA and BXI Series Cable Gland Features

Sealcon BXA and BXI fiber reinforced cable glands for the Ex-e area meet the ignition protection types Ex e. This is applicable to all areas where enhanced safety is required. 

  • Protection: II 2G Ex e IIC Gb / II 1D Ex ta IIIC Da / Class I Div2 Groups A, B, C, D / Class II Div 1 Groups E, F, G
  • Built according to the latest EN Standards: 
    • EN 6007900:2012               IEC 60079-0:2011
    • EN 60079-7:2007               IEC 60079-7:2007
    • EN 60079-31:2009              IEC 60079031:2008
  • Acme thread technology provides built -in dome safety ratchets to prevent the dome top from coming loose under vibration
  • Temperature Range: -20°C – 85°C (-4°F – 185°F)
  • Halogen-Free / Flame rating V0 according to UL 94
  • IP 68 (NEMA 4x, 6) 10 bar according to DIN EN 60529
  • Patented O-Ring groove and O-Ring is Included standard
  • Anti-vibration protection with molded ACME thread
  • Can withstand a 7 Joule impact without breaking due to fiber reinforced construction
  • Wide clamping range, able to fit cable ranges from .08 – 1.73 inch (2 – 44 mm)
  • Perfect for where extra durable cable glands are required 
  • Nylon with Anodized Aluminum Clamp, Nickel Plated Brass, or Stainless Steel

Benefits for HAZLOC Applications

This non-metallic solution for non-armored cables is designed for applications in electrical equipment and potentially explosive atmospheres, such as machinery and plant equipment, measuring control and feedback systems, electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres, industrial areas, and other applications where excellent performance, fire resistance and no twisting or torquing of the cable are critical.

Intrinsically Safe

Hazardous locations may have challenging environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures or exposure to harsh chemicals. Fiber-reinforced nylon has the ability to withstand these conditions without degradation. In HAZLOC applications, it’s essential to prevent sparks or arcs that could ignite flammable substances. These cable glands are designed to provide a barrier against the passage of flames and gases from the hazardous area into the equipment.


Cable glands used in hazardous locations are often required to meet specific international standards and certifications. These certifications ensure that the equipment meets safety and performance standards for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Depending on the specific configuration, BXA and BXI cable glands have approvals including: RoHS Compliance, Canadian Standard Association, V0 UL94 Rated / Approved, IECEx, Certified European Approval, and ATEX .


Sealcon’s fiber reinforced nylon cable glands are known for versatility and adaptability to various cable sizes and types. They are available with multiple sealing elements or inserts to accommodate different cable diameters. The size range includes numerous cable glands dimensions for all common clamping ranges, as well as variants with multi and flat cable inserts.

Learn More About How Sealcon Fiber Reinforced Nylon Cable Glands 

BXA and BXI series cable glands are preferred for hazardous environments due to their robust design and resistance to corrosion. The Sealcon team has helped a wide range of manufacturers solve problems with these cable glands, including a food processing plant that used them to protect equipment from corrosive chemicals, as well as a wind turbine manufacturer that resolved cable issues in extreme weather conditions.

 Contact us to learn more about how these innovative cable glands can benefit your project!

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