A2F the HAZLOC Cable Gland of Choice for the Extreme / Hazardous Conditions

Sealcon’s A2F cable gland features an innovative design that saves space with its smaller footprint along with the weight and cost savings that go with that. It is available in Metric or NPT threads and comes with an O-Ring on Metric thread Options. The O-Ring groove protects the O-Ring seal from damage. The A2F cable gland has IP66, IP67 and IP68 (5bar) ratings. This cable gland is halogen and phosphorous free making this ideal for the environment and humans. The A2F gland designed for performance and has a form fit to secure a cable or wire. The temperature range for the A2F is marked on the gland for convenience.

The Sealcon clamping system has been proven over time to meet or exceed specifications demanded in hazardous environments that require extra protection. Another feature of the A2F is the large clamping range, which requires less inventory and increases the availability of the gland for a variety of size wires. The A2F passes the new thermal conditioning test for added protection. EXIOS +A2F cable gland is Ultra-tough and can handle the demands required in many industries. It has a silicone seal for extreme temperature ranges and weather conditions. Choose Sealcon Quality.

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