Dependable Connectivity for Automated Car Washes

Sealcon is the go-to source for connectivity needs in the automated car wash industry. Our comprehensive line of cable glands and connectors include options that are specifically designed to withstand and work dependably in the harsh, demanding conditions in automated car washes.

Why Sealcon Products are Ideal for Automated Car Washes

Sealcon connectors have an unsurpassed IP68 / NEMA 4X & 6 / 10 BAR (150 PSIG) rating. The patented form seal (Grommet Around Cable) allows products to be installed in up to 300 ft underwater, making them more than adequate for car wash environments. These connectors are also available in spray down IP69K rated and nickel plated and stainless steel options to protect against corrosion. 

PVDF Strain Relief Connectors, also called cable glands and cord grip connectors are manufactured with a special blend of polymers to meet application demands and challenges while resisting chemicals, soaps, and detergents. These connectors also feature specialized FKM inserts making them suitable for use in areas that may come in contact with gasoline and other harsh compounds like weak acids and alkalis.

Examples of automated car wash equipment requiring electric connectivity include:

  • Conveyor track sensors
  • Lighting within the tunnel
  • Pre-soak spraying systems
  • Cleaning and scrubbing mechanisms
  • Rinse spraying systems
  • Wax application systems
  • Blowers for drying

Future Car Wash Connectivity Needs: V-Commerce

A recent report from the International Carwash Association®; details how automated car washes are moving to automated payment systems. As consumers continue to respond favorably to contactless service options, automakers will be incorporating vehicle commerce, or V-commerce pay methodology. The report says an estimated “600 million vehicles will generate in-car transactions of half a trillion dollars by the end of the decade.”

The transition to contactless payment will take time for the car wash industry. For the immediate future, automated car washes will need to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, including older models without V-commerce technology. Nonetheless, automated payment systems in various forms will be integrated in the years ahead, driving the need for new connectivity solutions.

Sealcon meets today’s connectivity needs while staying at the forefront of emerging technology needs. We are committed to being your dependable source for solutions.

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