What Cable Gland Material Type Is Best For Me?

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Cable glands play a vital role in securing cables and wires and protecting your application from failure due to environmental factors and damage. Without the correct quality cable management solution, you are risking potential failure of your application, damage to components, and possibly many headaches. Different applications require different types of cable glands and style is not the only attribute that should be looked at.  Material type should also be analyzed to see what would work best for your application.   But what material should you use? Sealcon offers many cable gland material types specifically designed to the highest tolerances to make sure your application is functioning at its best.  Below is a helpful guide as to which material works best in certain applications.

Nylon – Plastic

Nylon is a great material for when you are looking for a lower cost option as well as a product that is lightweight.  Sealcon offers Black and Grey nylon cable glands as well as locking nuts, plugs, adapters, and reducers.  All black nylon products have built-in sunscreen to help reduce degradation from harsh sun UV-Rays.  This is why Sealcon products are favored by telecom and solar equipment manufacturers since most other manufacturers products will fall apart in the harsh elements. In addition, Sealcon Nylon products are very durable and can withstand significant external factors and can still perform at the highest levels including being submersed under water.

Typical industries for Nylon cable glands include: Telecom, panel builders, equipment manufacturers, solar, alternative energy, electric vehicles, sensors, lighting

Nickel Plated Brass

When durability is important, nickel plated brass may be the solution for you.  Nickel plating not only gives a pleasing silver finish, but it is a protective layer to protect the much denser and stronger brass which lies underneath in a cable gland structure.  Without this protective finish, the cable gland would corrode quicker and turn brown and green; similar to a copper pipe you would see on your sprinkler system.  With the extra strength of the cable gland, it is an ideal choice for many applications and popular among equipment builders.  In addition, Sealcon offers cable glands that are EMI ready so you can terminate the shielding of your cable to the cable gland shell protecting your application from any signal interference. 

Typical industries for Nickel Plated Brass glands include: Infrastructure, transportation, telecom, alternative energy, lighting, infrastructure, motors, sensors, data centers, warehouse equipment, manufacturing equipment, robotics


In some applications, you may need durability to protect from gasoline, alcohol, weak acids, and other chemicals.  A standard nylon cable gland could be compromised due these products, but Sealcon has a product designed specifically for these applications. PVDF is a plastic compound that has been formulated to resist these chemicals while ensuring that your application is protected.  From the outside, the cable gland has a translucent white appearance similar to milk jug material. In addition, the inserts in the cable gland are manufactured with a FKM material to also withstand chemical compounds.

Typical industries for PVDF cable glands include: beverage packaging, waste water treatment, pool equipment, laboratory equipment, gas processing, chemical manufacturing, infrastructure

Stainless Steel

When cleanliness and durability are of the highest importance, stainless steel is your best option.  Sealcon offers products in 303 and 316L stainless steel options with 316L being the most durable.  Stainless steel has always been used by the food and beverage industry due to its cleanliness, but it is also used in areas of high corrosion potential such as marine environments.  Many Sealcon products are used in coastal areas where there is a higher level of salinity in the air.  In addition, they are also used in marine environments on dock lighting systems, boat cranes, and street lights. 

Typical industries for Stainless Steel cable glands include: Marine, Lighting, food processing, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, waste water treatment, chemical processing, beverage manufacturing

With over 6,000+ cable management options available, Sealcon understands that you may need some help determining what you need. Sealcon has Trained technical representatives to help you determine what is best for you and we are easy to contact.  You can reach anyone for assistance by email, telephone, and on our live chat available on our website www.SealconUSA.com. Contact us today!

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