The Sealcon M12 Power Circular Connector

A Miniaturization Powerhouse

We used to hear the business buzz about “Bigger is Better”. Well, not when it comes to manufacturing. In manufacturing it is about the ever-smaller mechanical, electronic products and devices. Yet the power needs are just the same or more. Look no further than the Sealcon M12 Power Circular Connector. This compact and powerful M12 size connector is well suited for power transmissions. These connectors can be found in many applications like factory automation, measurement and control, food and beverage, transportation, agriculture, robotics, and alternative energy. This M12 circular connector is defined by its very high-power transfer (up to 630V and 16A) combined with a compact design. The M12 also has temperature ranges of -40°F to 257°F with K, L, S, and T codings available. The manufacturing world is seeking an ever-smaller footprint and our M12 Circular Connectors are right at home. The 360° shielding guarantees reliable EMI (EMC) protection with a Max Cable Diameter of 0.43″ (11 mm). Contact Sealcon to get M12 Circular Connectors specked in for your next project and get the confidence of sturdy Sealcon Circular Connectors and top-quality customer service. Choose Sealcon Quality.

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