UL Industrial Enclosures

Enclosures for High-Density Cable Management Needs


If engineers were allowed, they would give you 50 buttons—but when you’re driving it’s not feasible to use them all, so it’s better to have the select few that you really need. Sealcon LLC prides itself on offering selective and personalized product solutions for specific application requirements. In the determination of relevant industry needs, we analyzed our customers’ cable management requirements and are able to offer you premium Industrial Enclosures. Enclosures are industrial shells that house smart electrical and/or electronic components, wired up and secured in a place with liquid-tight cable. Simply put, these allow you to organize great volumes of cables from networking switches to patch panels. Wires exiting the enclosures are consequently secured by Cable Strain Reliefs, Connectors, and/or Conduits, for a total cable management package. Consider the Industrial Enclosures to be your office: is it long, tall, big, or small? —we offer these in a host of sizes to fit your applications. In the same way that you use your office for individual work, meetings, parties, and so forth, our Industrial Enclosures may be used for a variety of applications.

Enclosure Materials

Sealcon offers two materials for Industrial Enclosures, which meet UL: Polycarbonate and Fiberglass. Enclosures are modified or prepared with simple holes or knockouts where needed for installation. Add optional Mounting Plates, DIN Rails, Breather (IP68), Covers and Walls, Rails, Doors, and Locks for a one-stop compendium of cable management solutions. Our enclosures are manufactured with a staple characteristic: resiliency to high-temperature environments.


UL Fiberglass Wall Enclosures are branded by their sturdy construction and high resistance to corrosion and solvents. These features enable them to be perfectly suited for highly demanding environments such as wastewater treatment and the petrochemical/chemical industries. Fiberglass Enclosures are available with plain sides or with a polycarbonate window in seven size offerings. Quick fixture brackets at the back of these enclosures reduce installation time allowing fitting without drilling. Their built-in protective edge allows you to open the door 180 degrees while also preventing the entry of water when opening the door. Specific to the UL Fiberglass Wall Enclosures is the Series N Wall Cabinets.


UL Polycarbonate Enclosures are likewise designed for durability with a defining feature of the UL Polycon series enclosures being the corner elevator system. Each of these enclosures has distinctly marked notches in the corners to help you install all elevator parts at the same height. To provide superior protection, these enclosures are fitted with a robust pad-lockable metallic or nonmetallic latch with solely one moving component. Fortified with a high degree of protection, they are rated IP66, IP68, and IP69K rated with K10 impact resistance. Other crucial application characteristics include a contemporary design with faceted corners and cover plugs, fastening pods inside the cover, slots in the base for printed circuit boards, pre-assembled hinges, and quick release latches. Relevant enclosure product types that Sealcon offers include: Series S, D, O, W, Pushbutton, and Polycon.

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