The New M12 Power Connector Offers the Solution You Are Looking For!

The new compact & powerful M12 Power Circular Connector opens the door to entirely new applications and capabilities! The M12 Power Circular Connector boasts a high power transmission, a compact design, large temperature range and convincing electro-mechanical features. This is a major milestone in an age of miniaturization! The benefits of the M12 Power Circular Connector include meeting demand for more power with a smaller footprint, it is also equipped with a shielded EMI for data applications, has recessed contacts, sturdy self-alignment, common coding and is field attachable without tools. The M12 Power Circular Connector features 16 Amp & 630 Volt, a 257°F operating temperature, IP67 & IP69K, is EMI ready, has V0 rated inserts, K,L,S,T coding, is robust, compact and field attachable. Nickel Plated, Stainless Steel and Overmold options available.

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