M23 Signal Stainless Steel Connector – Panel, Male Thread

Stainless Steel Connectors can be used in many applications, where the environment dedicates a corrosion proof solution.

M23 Signal Connector Features:

Fewer parts; One step cable assembly with optional EMI shielding; No tools required to insert and extract contacts; Crimp contacts machined or on tape; Solder contacts for manual soldering or dip soldering for PC boards; SLS (Spring Loaded Sockets) for vibrating environments; Color coded spacers for male and female inserts

Mechanical Data

Housing Surface: Stainless Steel, Tin-plating on request

Contacts: Gold-plated Brass Alloy

Type of Contacts: Crimp, Solder, Dip Solder (PCB)

Number of Contacts: 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 17, 19

Amp Rating: 8 – 20 A

Voltage Rating: 150 – 300 V

Cable OD: .12″ – .55″ (3 – 14 mm)

Wire Gauge: 28 – 14 AWG

Operating Temperature: – 40°C to 125°C (- 40°F to 257°F)

Pressure Rating: IP 67 / IP 69 K per EN 60 529 (connected)

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