When people or products are moved either by bus, car, train, plane, or other ways, many different types of connections are required for the vehicle to operate efficiently and safely.

We have all been on a bus before, but how are the connections made for things like the doors to open, the air conditioning to run, the light boards to display numbers, and speakers to announce stops? Electrical connections are needed and Sealcon has options available for all of these types connections.

Cable Glands:

When a wire needs to pass through a piece of metal or plastic and not be damaged, this is where a Sealcon cable gland shines!  Not only does it hold the wire from being pulled out, but it provides a liquid tight seal to keep any debris or environmental factors from leaking through and causing issues with components.  Sealcon offers cable glands in the following materials:

Nickel Plated Brass

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Stainless Steel

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Circular Connectors:

In addition to cable glands, Circular Connectors are used to connect motors, display signage, safety devices and much more!  Sealcon offers circular connectors for signal, power, data, and hybrid options in sizer ranging from M12 – M40.  Click below to see all of Sealcon’s connector options!

M23 Connectors
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