Part NumberMaterial
BE44Ventilation Insert
DKBZ10Fixing Screw
DKBZ5Labelling Material
DKKH02Support for Terminals
DKKH04Support for Terminals
DKKH06Support for Terminals
DKKL02Terminal for Hensel DK, KF, EB
DKKL04Terminal for Hensel DK, KF, KH
DKKL06Terminal for Hensel
DKKS10Terminal for Hensel
DKKS16Terminal for Hensel
DKKS25Terminal for Hensel
DKKS35Terminal for Hensel
DKKS50Terminal for Hensel
DKMB1Pipe and Pole Mounting Kit
DKMB2Pipe and Pole Mounting Kit
DKMB3Pipe and Pole Mounting Kit
DKTS0171 mm DIN Rail
DKTS0267 mm DIN Rail
DKTS0697 mm DIN Rail
DKTS10147 mm DIN Rail
DKTS16175 mm DIN Rail
DKTS16Q120 mm DIN Rail
DKTS25218 mm DIN Rail
DKTS25Q168 mm DIN Rail
DKTS35256 mm DIN Rail
DKTS35Q186 mm DIN Rail
DKTS50314 mm DIN Rail
DKTS50Q214 mm DIN Rail
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