When it comes to fittings and connectors, choosing the right thread type for the job makes all the difference. The success of your application relies on proper installation which is why choosing the correct thread is so important.

Download this informative, free guide to learn about the many factors you should consider when selecting a thread type:

  • Application
  • Location
  • Ratings & Approvals
  • Spacing
  • Material
  • and more

In our manual we cover the following topics for easy understanding:

  • Why Thread Type Matters
  • Defining Thread Terminology
  • NPT Threads
  • Metric Threads
  • PG Threads
  • BSPP(G) Threads
  • Thread Selection for Your Application

Download our helpful guide today and stop worrying about remembering every detail. That’s why we created this manual!

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Sealcon Guide to Choosing the Right Enclosure

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