Hensel ENYCASE Thermoplastic Cable Junction Box 1.5-4 mm | FK ENYCASE Fire Resistance | FK0404

Sealcon #: FK0404
Size: FK ENYCASE Fire Resistance
Material: FK 104 x 104 x 70 mm
Hensel #: FK 0404
Cover screws and mounting screws included.

Cable junction box 1.5-2.5 mm², Cu
Connection box 1.5-4 mm², Cu
5-pole per pole 8 x 1.5 mm² r, 4 x 2.5 mm² r, 2 x 4 mm² r
Connecting terminal made from ceramic with resistance to high temperatures
Included cable entry: 3 EDKF 25,
Sealing range: Ø 9-17 mm, IP 65
IP 66 using AKMF cable glands, please order separately
Intrinsic fire resistance in accordance with DIN 4102-12 (German standard) in combination with function-retaining cables
Tested with the cable manufacturers Dätwyler and Eupen for the intrinsic fire resistance E30 up to E90 see test certificate no.: P-MPA-E-15-018 valid till 9 May 2026
Tested for insulation integrity PH120 in accordance with BS EN 50200 in connection with insulation retaining cables
Screw anchors enclosed can be used for concrete C20/25, limestone blocks KSV 12, building bricks MZ 12 and clinker bricks KS 12
For normal environment and protected outdoor

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  • Rated insulation voltage Ui = 400 V a.c./d.c.
    Rated current: 32 A
    Material PC-GFS (polycarbonate)
    Tightening torque for terminal 1.2 Nm
    Degree of protection IP 65
    Degree of protection IP 66
    Height 104 mm
    Width 104 mm
    Depth 70 mm
    Weight 0,418 kg
    In accordance with DIN 4102 part 12
    IEC 60670-22
    BS EN 50200