Seal Rings | Polyethylene | Fiber-reinforced Plastic | Threaded

We carry Threaded Seal Rings for Strain Relief Cable Glands in Polyethylene and Fiber-reinforced Plastic. In PG Thread, NPT Thread and Metric Threads. If Type NEMA 4x or 6 (IP 68 or IP 69K - Submersible) is required, O-Rings or Seal Rings should be used when mounting Strain Relief Cable Glands to a control panel, secured with a Locking Nut. The straight Strain Relief Cable Glands feature a molded O-Ring groove. For these fittings the O-Ring is the best solution. The Snap Elbows and some of the Conduit Fittings don’t have a recess for an O-Ring. In that case, the Seal Ring would be the better choice, unless the hole can be beveled to accommodate an O-Ring.