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Crimp Pin 1.25mm Required Contact:
4 x 1.25 mm

This Contact is Required for specific Insert Configurations.
Details for configurations can be found under Technical Data.

Sealcon # S7.010.981.211
Hummel # 7.010.981.211


Contacts are specific to the Inserts and number of Poles on your Connector.

  • There are two types of Contacts: Pins and Sockets. Pins are installed as Male connections and Sockets are installed as Female connections.
  • Each Pin or Socket contact has a different installation based on the number of Contacts needed and size of the Contact.

  • For example, if your Connector has a 3-Pole Insert labeled (3 x 1mm), you need three 1mm Contacts for your Insert. Likewise, if your Connector has a 3-Pole insert labeled (3 x 2mm), you need three 2mm contacts.
  • Contacts are not universal, so check to see if there is a Required Contact for your installation.
  • If you have any questions please submit a quote and one of our experts will contact you to verify you have the correct configuration for your desired Connector.

Technical Data

Mechanical Data

  • Contacts: 4 x 1.25;7 x 1.25
  • Number of Contacts: Insert 8-pole (4+3+PE 630V)
This Contact Is Required for M16 Signal Connectors

Insert type Pin/Male for Poles & Configurations:

  • 8-pole (4+3+PE 630V) Configuration - 4 x 1.25 mm
  • 6+PE Configuration - 7 x 1.25 mm

Type of Contact: Crimp Pin 1.25 mm Machined

Crimp Range: 0.5 mm² - 1.5 mm²

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Insert Number of Poles Required Contacts Electrical Data Add to Quote
S7.003.961.101 Insert 6+PE 7 x 1.25 mm Select for Quote
S7.003.908.101 Insert 8-pole (4+3+PE 630V) 4 x 0.8 mm / 4 x 1.25 mm •Contact-Ø[mm] 0,8 / 1,25
•AWG [mm²] 008,-0,34 0,34-1,5
•Nominal current ¹)[A] 5/16
•Nominal voltage ²)[V˜] 300 / 800
•Nominal voltage ²)[V˜] 300 / 630
•Test voltage (Breakdown voltage) ³) [V˜] 1500/2500
•Insulation resistance [MΩ]>10
•Max. contact resistance [mΩ] 3
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Contacts Type of Contact Crimp Range Product Number Add to Quote
S7.010.981.211 Crimp Pin 1.25 mm Machined 0.34mm² - 1.5 mm² AWG 22 - AWG 16 S7.010.981.211