M23 Signal Panel Connector, Single Hole, Male Thread

Cable Range: Thread M 20 x 1.5

Female Inserts Only

Sealcon # S7.421.400.000
(Housing only)
Hummel # 7.421.400.000
Hummel M23 Signal INOX panel connector
Material Stainless Steel


  • Fewer parts
  • One step cable assembly with optional EMI shielding
  • No tools required to insert and extract contacts
  • Crimp contacts machined or on tape
  • Solder contacts for manual soldering or dip soldering for PC boards
  • SLS (Spring Loaded Sockets) for vibrating environments
  • Color coded spacers for male and female inserts

Technical Data

Pressure Rating

IP 67 / IP 69 K per EN 60 629 (connected)

Mechanical Data

  • Housing: Stainless Steel V4A (AISI 316)
  • Housing Surface: Clear
  • Contacts: Copper-Zinc alloy
  • Contact Surface: Nickel;gold plated (0,25?m Au)

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F)


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