Metal Fit Pro S Fitting (Swivel)

Part Numbers Fits To DN Metal Pro A / B / C Thread Type and Size Image
MPSM1209-BR DN -/9/9 M12
MPSM1611-BR DN 10/11/11 M16*
MPSM1612-BR DN 12/13/13 M16
MPSM2016-BR DN 16/16/16 M20
MPSM2521-BR DN 21/21/21 M25
MPSM3226-BR DN 27/26/26 M32
MPSM4035-BR DN 35/35/35 M40
MPSM5040-BR DN 40/40/40 M50
MPSM6351-BR DN 51/51/51 M63