Nylon PoleonFit Y Fitting

A large number of fittings and matching accessories make the Poleon series to a well-engineered overall system. Thereby planers and installers are up to all assembly situations.

With this professional protection improvised single solutions are things of the past.

Non Threaded

Part Numbers Cable Range Thread Type and Size Fits Conduit Size Image
PFY100606 Non Threaded Non Threaded
PFY121010 12/10/10 Non Threaded
PFY171212 17/12/12 Non Threaded
PFY231717 23/17/17 Non Threaded
PFY292323 29/23/23 Non Threaded
PFY372929 37/29/29 Non Threaded
PFY503737 50/37/37 Non Threaded