Nylon 90° Elbow Conduit Push-In Fitting PG

Nylon Push-In Fittings are the fastest and most labor saving method to connect flexible nylon conduit to a push in fitting. The nylon conduit is inserted into the fitting until the hook snaps over the ridge of the corrugated tubing. The conduit can be mounted rigid or turntable.

Part Number Fits To Material Thread Range Image
EM09AA-BK DN10 Nylon PG 9
EM11AA-BK DN12 Nylon PG 11
EM13AA-BK DN14 Nylon PG 13/13.5
EM16AA-BK DN17 Nylon PG 16
EM21AA-BK DN21 Nylon PG 21
EM29AA-BK DN29 Nylon PG 29
SM09AA-BK DN10 Nylon PG 9
SM11AA-BK DN12 Nylon PG 11
SM13AA-BK DN14 Nylon PG 13/13.5
SM16AA-BK DN17 Nylon PG 16
SM21AA-BK DN23 Nylon PG 21
SM29AA-BK DN29 Nylon PG 29
SM36AA-BK DN37 Nylon PG 36
SM48AA-BK DN50 Nylon PG 48