Poleon Slit Conduit

Polyamide cable conduits are characterised by their particularly high degree of flexibility. Whether in the standard or slotted ver-sion, even extremely mobile applications are no problem for Poleon. The large number of matching fittings and accessories provide solutions for all conceivable installation situations.

Part Number Material Nominal Conduit Size Image
PS-0610-BK Polyameide 6
PS-1013-BK Polyameide 10
PS-1216-BK Polyameide 12
PS-1418-BK Polyameide 14
PS-1721-BK Polyameide 17
PS-2328-BK Polyameide 23
PS-2935-BK Polyameide 29
PS-3743-BK Polyameide 37
PS-5055-BK Polyameide 50