Nickel Plated Brass Snap Elbow Flange Connectors

The Snap Elbow Strain Relief Connectors / Cable Gland / Cord Grip Connectors is Ideal for situations that require fast cable attachment.

For the attachment simply open the elbow insert cable and snap close then tighten the nut and that’s it you’re done!

Not only is the cable installation fast and painless but the Snap Elbow will allow you to safely cut corners to save some room on your application with an easy snap click and of the bend of the wire.

Dome Fittings
Nickel Inches (mm)
Part Numbers Cable Range Thread Type
ED20FA-BR .39" - .55" (10 - 14 mm) Flange
ED20FR-BR .28" - .47" (7 - 12 mm) Flange