Strain Relief Connectors | Cord Grips | Nickel Plated Brass

Our Strain Relief Connectors also known as Cable Glands or Cord Grip Connectors fulfill the highest demands of quality, security and made of Nickel Plated Brass in PG Thread, NPT Thread and Metric Threads. They have outstanding high-grade materials are used together with innovative technology to offer premium products. These Nickel Plated Brass Strain Relief Connectors come in several varieties: Dome Cable Glands, Flexible Cable Glands, Right Elbow Cable Glands, Multi-Hole Cable Glands, Romex® Cable Glands and ASI-BUS Romex® Cable Glands.

Nickel Plated Brass Dome, Flex, Elbow, Mini WADI, Clamp, Multi-Hole & Romex® Strain Relief Connectors | Cord Grip