Nylon RJ45 Strain Relief Connectors | Cord Grips

We have a solution for terminated cables.

Our strain relief connectors, cable gland, cord grip connectors have a solution for securing terminated cables like RJ45 (Ethernet) or USB cables without the hassle of cutting and re-terminating the wires. This can be achieved by cutting a small slit in our Sealcon's inserts. Then wrapping the insert around the cable, allowing the cable to be held tightly with the same IP rating as before. This solution is available in nickel plated brass, nylon, PVDF, & stainless steel. Available in multiple sizes. Contact us today for more information!
Our Strain Reliefs also known as Cable Glands or Cord Grips fulfill the highest demands of quality and security. They have outstanding high-grade materials are used together with innovative technology to offer premium products.

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