Mechanical Data

Housing:Copper-Zinc Alloy, Die Casting & Aluminum
Housing Surface:Nickel Plated Brass, Other Surfaces Upon Request
Inserts (For Contacts):
Thermoplastic Polyamide PA 6 (Nylon 6/6), PBT Fire protection class V-0
Contacts:Brass Alloy
Contact Surface at point of Contact:Nickel and gold plated (0,25µm Au)
Minimum Mating Cycles:> 1000
Seals / O-Rings:Buna-N standard, optional FPM
Temperature Range:
-40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)
Type of Contacts:Crimp, solder, dip solder (PCB)
Protection:IP 67 / IP 69 K per EN 60529 (connected), Type NEMA 4x
Cable Diameter Range:.12 - .67" (3 - 14 mm)

Electrical Data

Number of Positions679 (8+1)12161719 (16+3)
Number of Contacts6781121617163
Contact Ø (mm)221211111.5
Nominal Current [A]2020820888820
Nominal Voltage [V~] Degree of Protection 2*630630500500400400320
Nominal Voltage [V~] Degree of Protection 3*300300200200160160100
Test Voltage (Breakdown Voltage) [V~]2500250025002500150015001500
Insulation Resistance [MΩ]>1010>1010>1010>1010>106>106>106
Max. Contact Resistance [mΩ]3333333
Number of PolesCoding PossibilitiesCoding
6-poleN, S, H, X, Y and Zforklift
7-poleN, S, H, X and Y
9-poleN, S, H, X and Y
12-poleN, S, H, X, Y and Z
16-poleN, S, H, X, Y and Z
17-poleN, S, H, X, Y and Z
19-poleN, S, H, X and Y

As standard coding groove N is opened To use other codings please remove the coding borrier.

*Degree of Protection
Potential dirt accumulation of a disconnected connector in a certain environment.

*Degree of Protection 2
No permanent conductive dirt accumulation will occur. Temporary conductive dirt accumulation, such as condensation, is possible. Typical for households, offices, laboratories and test labs.

*Degree of Protection 3
Conductive, as well as dry non-conductive dirt accumulation can occur. It can be temporarily conductive due to condensation. Typical for industrial and factory environments.

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